The Best Over-ear Headphones for Working Out

Nowadays, everyone has headphones. Since phones are ubiquitous, we can access all audio and music entertainment on travel. There are a variety of headphones that you can choose from. However, in our eyes, it’s impossible to be wrong with a great pair of over-the-ear headphones, mainly when you’re working out.

While exercising, it is essential to ensure that you hear your music. However, you must ensure that your headphones are sturdy enough to last outside to exercise during these times. There are many options available for those who are fitness-oriented that can help you upgrade the headphones you have. We have the best options for you.

Benefits of the best Over-Ear Headphones for working out

Why should you choose over-the-ear headphones instead of an earbud or something similar? There are many reasons to do this. One reason is that they are more comfortable than headphones with in-ears. Some people find that in-ear headphones are nearly impossible to wear. This is one of the main reasons headphones with over-ears are the best choice.

Another alternative is the sound quality. With a larger design, they will provide a more significant punch in the area of sound. They can also be set to cancel out any noise surrounding you to give you a better experience. This makes them ideal for working out or just laying around with some tunes to relax.

In addition, they are generally more convenient in a few ways. One of them is that you won’t have to worry about them frequently, given they’re pretty heavy guys. You can also wear them on your neck when you aren’t wearing them, making it easier to carry them throughout the day.

What exactly are best headphones for working out with over-ears?

The answer is straightforward On-ear headphones have smaller earpads that rest over your ears. Over-ear headphones feature bigger earpads that wrap all around your ear.

Which is preferable: on-ear or over-ear headphones for working out?

On-ear headphones are slight and deliver music directly to the ear canal. Over-ear headphones are more significant (as they fill the entire ear). However, they also provide better sound, feel more comfortable, and are considered more secure on your ears. It’s a choice for each individual and typically boils down to size and audio quality.

No matter what type you select, make sure you have an adjustable headband, especially for those with oversized or smaller than average heads. The too-tight headband could cause pain, while loose ones can slip, particularly when running. The best wireless over-ear headphones for  workout

Bose QuietComfort 45 Review – best over-ear headphones for working out

Small microphones can measure their frequency, contrast, and respond to external noise by using opposite signals to block it. The perfect blend of peace, comfort, and audio. They are the best headphones for the gym 2022.

High-Fidelity Audio Headphones

A TriPort Acoustic architecture gives the fullness and depth.

Volume-optimized Active EQ

Maintains the volume constant, so the bass stays consistent even when turned down while the music is crystal clear even when the volume is increased.

Quiet and Aware Modes

You can turn on the alert mode to let the outside in with your music simultaneously. Quiet Mode offers complete noise cancellation.

Extended Battery Life

Plugin the included audio cable to enjoy listening for longer while wired. Once fully charged, the headphones give you the battery for 24 hours. Then you can get three hours on a quick charge that takes 15 minutes.

Maximize the potential of the adjustable

Adjust the EQ and set the bass, mid-range, and treble levels. Or choose one of the presets.

Soundcore by Anker Life Q35 Review – best over-ear headphones for working out

It reproduces music with accuracy over a more extensive frequency range. It eliminates distortion while delivering Hi-Res Audio Sound.

LDAC Technology Headphones

It ensures more data is sent to your Q35 active noise-canceling headphones than conventional Bluetooth codecs. This creates lossless data transmission that provides you can hear every sound.

Multi-Mode Noise Cancelling

To have a personalized noise-canceling experience, you can toggle between modes like Transport Indoor, Outdoor, and Transport settings. Each earpiece has two microphones that detect and block out distracting sounds around you.

Comfortable and Convenient

Sensors built-in to HTML0 detect the time that headphones have been taken out of your ears. These sensors immediately stop the audio. Life Q35 headphones for active noise cancellation are light that can sit on the head throughout the day.

The comfort factor is improved with the memory foam padding Ear cups and headbands. The use of LDAC guarantees all the tiny detail in a song will be saved.

Beamforming Microphones

Utilizing the artificial intelligence algorithm that has been tried many times has been developed to make calls that sound crystal uncluttered and free of background noise. It also picks your voice with astonishing precision.

Accurate Noise Cancelling Experience

A specialized and flexible Noise Cancelling Informed that of Transport Outdoor, Indoor, and Transport mode has been set up to block unwanted noises in these settings.

Transparency mode is activated with the press of an icon

Transparency mode lets you be more aware of your environment and immediately have an urgent conversation.

High-Res Audio

The Life Q35’s 40mm silk-diaphragm speakers create a high-quality sound with an extensive frequency range.

The high-resolution audio will ensure that you’ll always have the highest quality audio, whether you’re listening on wired or wireless.

NFC Pairing

Connect instantly via NFC connection by tacking the left earcup of your headphones.

Couple with two devices

Switching between music videos, online meetings, and calls on two different devices is easy.

Extended Battery Life

If you’re on the go, 5 minutes of quick charging provides you with 4 hours of battery power. With a full charge, you can enjoy 40 hours of playtime to listen to your favorite music throughout the day without worrying about running low on battery.

Soundcore App

Find a white noise soundscape to relax and switch between Noise-cancelling modes. Use the Soundcore app to adjust your EQ settings, select among 22 presets, and have a custom audio experience.

Travel and protect your headphones

An adapter for airplanes is included to keep you entertained on your travels. The Q35 headphones are safe and last for an extended period with the travel case.

These headphones are incredibly light and let you focus on your workout instead of the things sitting on your head. I could wear them for four hours and not feel tired.

Ear Cups/Pads

The earcups are oval and wide and are suitable for those who have different sizes of ears. The shape is relatively thin, and the earpads may not appear to be doing well at first. You’ll notice the speaker’s angle toward the earcup when you have an at the inside of the ear cup. This happens in each of the rights as well as left earcup. Looking at the speaker, you will notice the tiny dots in the center for ventilation. This can help lower the heat that builds up inside your ears. It is the best headphones for working out over-ear.

The headphones are intriguing because they recess or push the speaker downwards toward the lower part. This angle is downward, which means your ear will be shielded from the speaker.

Sound Quality

In my opinion, the headphones are highly neutral in their sound and do not over-emphasize bass, mid, or treble. Overall the sound quality is transparent and clear. It lets you concentrate on your workout.

Ear Cups

The right earpiece has the power switch and the volume control button, and the right earpiece comes with Bluetooth for headphones and lithium batteries.


A full charge can provide power for the headphones for up to 15 hours. The total charge will take approximately 3 hours after the battery has died. The power charging feature offers 2 hours of battery life with an initial order of 15 minutes. The headphones don’t charge while they are playing.


The noise cancellation on headphones is passive and not active. Active noise cancellation employs technology for noise cancellation that blocks background noise and lets you decide the volume of noise you wish to block out. The headphones aren’t designed to provide the highest noise cancellation capabilities. Noise cancellation can be more effective in reducing noise than noise cancellation. Thus, you’re likely to feel like you’ve put your fingers across your ears (well, they’re better than this since your entire earcup is completely covered)

Build Quality

The headphones are well-constructed. Don’t be deceived by their lightweight, as they’re built to last. It is necessary to be a thoughtful person to crack these containers. The headphones aren’t foldable; however, they can flip over for easy storage. This is one of the most frustrating things to me because they won’t fit in an easy-to-carry case. The force that clamps the headphones is decent, and they also are very stable. This is the reason they are great for gyms. While performing my bench press, I noticed that the headphones didn’t fall off. This is a huge benefit.


Additionally, they are Bluetooth compatible. They also feature NFC ( near field communication), which allows pairing with the headphones by putting your device just a few inches from them.

Philips SHP 9500 Review – best over-ear headphones for working out

The headband’s markings make it easy to adjust the size of the headband. The SHP9500 includes a headband made of cold-rolled steel that provides just the proper amount of tension, guaranteeing strength and durability even during your most challenging workout.

50mm High Power Drivers

50mm drivers deliver crystal clear high-frequency, mid-range, and clear bass. They achieve this through the use of powerful neodymium magnets with high power.

Over-ear, open-back headphones

The open-back design significantly increases sound clarity and smooths out extended high frequency. Greater freedom of movement for the diaphragm is achievable due to the acoustic open-back structure that eliminates the build-up of air pressure on the driver’s side.

Breathable Ear Cushions

Philips has developed the SHP9500 with premium breathable ears that allow for better airflow and help disperse heat and pressure for more wearing and comfort.

Precisely Angled Drivers

An immersive and authentic listening experience is produced by directly channeling audio signals into the ear. The ear shells offer accurate and clear sound. They have been designed to conform to the natural anatomy of the ear.

Listen For Ours On End

You can listen for hours with the headband, which is composed of a comfy soft, breathable, and soft double-layered cushion that is breathable and soft that lets you listen for hours.

Sennheiser momentum wireless 3 Review – Best Over-ear headphones for working out

Ensure that the music doesn’t stop when you activate auto-on/off and innovative Pause options. It doesn’t matter if you need to go to your private audio world, require an instant chat with your acquaintance, or even make calls for business; The intuitive controls function in any situation.

Active Noise-Cancelation and Transparent Hearing

On the other hand, Transparent Hearing lets you listen to music while remaining present throughout your exercise. Advanced Acoustic Noise Cancellation (AAN) can be adapted to three settings. The Active Noise Cancellation feature and the Transparent hearing modes let you immerse yourself in your music whenever you’re at your best.

Designed to be durable and comfortable

The robust and matte steel arms and sturdy covers ensure that you will not need to replace them for a long haul. The headphones give the best comfort for a long listening time with top-quality materials like an authentic leather headband and premium ear cups.

Touch-Sensitive Controls

Make sure you enable touch-sensitive volume control. You can make the exact change to activate the instant use of voice assistant technology. The three-button interface is simple and intuitive, allowing users to switch between calls and music immediately and effortlessly.

voice assistant

Now you can enjoy seamless integration with your phone’s voice assistant. You can effortlessly connect to the real or virtual world by pressing one button when life is getting in the way. These are the best wireless headphones for working out.

Smart Technologies

Smart Control is a free app and gives you access to an integrated equalizer and three types of noise canceling. Find the headphones you lost with innovative TILE technology. So all you’re losing is you when you are lost in the music.

Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless – Best over-ear headphones for working out

The headphones have two microphones, two from the exterior and two inside. The right ear cup has a Bluetooth on/off switch and speech microphones, the audio output (for the cable connector), a micro USB input LED display, control of effect mode, and a nose guard/ANC control switch.

Sennheiser has created an intriguing feature that allows headphones to be automatically switched off when you put the earcups into the position of use.


The voice prompts that come with the headphones could become quite annoying and will constantly give you the battery life available, particularly when the battery begins to fall lower than 20%. You can enjoy more than 20 hours of listening time with this model—Sennheiser PXC 550 wireless headphones. One criticism about my headphones is that they don’t include a fast-charging system.


Effect Mode lets you adjust your headphones according to the type of music and the effect you want to achieve. The higher frequencies have such a stunning definition. If your smartphone supports APT-X playback, the audio is even more impressive. The overall sound quality is clean and truly immersive. The mids are clear and well-defined, and I was impressed by the soundstage.

Comfort and fit

The build is sturdy and sturdy. When performing the stretch test, I see that you can stretch them very wide, and there is no indication of fragility. Therefore, you will observe that they were created with different sizes of heads in the designer’s mind.

Active Noise-Cancelation

Sennheiser Noise cancellation can be described as the type of adaptive noise cancellation. Sennheiser calls their Noise-cancelling technique “noise guard” there is a button on the right earcup that lets you adjust the volume in noise cancellation. You can select between the adaptive and full noise guard modes. The cans also have an effect mode switch that allows users to switch between various or built-in effects. Talk-through is an option that lets you be in a position to hear people talking to you without having to take your headphones off. This is done by the microphones, which are located outside the headphones.


The Sennheiser PCX 550 wireless headphones are NFC equipped. Put your phone into the left earcup to pair, and you are instantly connected and will immediately. Be aware that this can be performed only if your device is also NFC enabled.


The headphones work using Bluetooth 4.2 and cover the typical +/- 10m /+/-30ft range.

UA Sport Wireless Train Project Rock On-Ear Sports Headphones

It produces a loud sound and is designed for use in sports. This gives you detailed, heart-pounding bass that can aid you in completing the most challenging exercise.

[amalinkspro type=”showcase” asin=”” apilink=”” associate-id=”undefined” new-window=”1″ addtocart=”0″ nofollow=”1″ sc-id=”4″ imgs=”!important%3B%20margin%3A0px%20!important%3B%22%20%2F%3E” link-imgs=”false” stack-imgs=”false” specs=” Brand UA~~~Model Name Language _ tag~~~Color BLUE~~~Form Factor On Ear~~~Connectivity Technology Bluetooth~~~” btn-color=”#ff9900″ btn-text=”Buy on Amazon” alignment=”alignnone” hide-prime=”0″ hide-image=”0″ hide-reviews=”0″ hide-price=”0″]UA Sport Wireless Train Project Rock On-Ear Sport Headphones[/amalinkspro]

IPX4 Rating with a rugged over-ear design

The headphones cannot withstand splashes of water emanating from every direction. Helps with the sweat absorption process.

Adaptive Noise Canceling Technology

It eliminates distractions and offers total concentration, which allows you to do the extra reps you need.

Under Armour Storm Super Grip

Ensure your headphones are secure and remain secure on your head while working out.

UA SuperVent Ear cushions

Allow your ears to breathe to prevent them from getting too hot during your session.

lightweight and fast-drying earbuds

Focus on your workout, not your headphones. This also means that you can clean them off, and they’ll be ready to go quickly. Auto play and Pause–stop music when you remove your headphones for the much-needed break between sets, and then resume after the headphones are put on. Connects to Hey Google or Amazon Alexa with hands-free voice control, so you don’t miss a single rep.

Bluetooth(r) 5 wireless offers reduced audio delay and a more extended range of connectivity which means you can keep your smartphone within your workout bag while you focus on your workout. Fast charging gives you an average of 45 hours of battery time and 5 minutes of charging time. Speed Charge offers two hours of battery power.

A 12-month premium subscription to Map My Fitness by UA

Quick and easy pairing for Android 6.0 or higher-powered devices

Lightweight at 294g /0.65 lbs

It comes with a robust bag for carrying around, one charging cable, one aux cable, and a Brahma bull sticker.

Soul X-TRA Performance Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones for Sports

The headband is constructed of some sturdy plastic.

Advanced HD circuitry and drivers
There was a bit of difficulty getting the charger slot open, which I found very frustrating.
Lightweight, ergonomic design
Dual Mode LED lights.
These are wireless over-ear headphones for working out.

You’ll notice that the headband’s top portion does not seem solid like it is for more conventional headphones. The headband has space that allows air to flow into the headband and cool down during your exercise. The headband slider utilized to control the headphone on your head is made from metal, so your headphones won’t fall apart easily. Consequently, they are the cans you keep for some time beyond one year. One thing that disappointed me was that the headband’s top was composed of rubber with no padding. I’m not sure if this was done to reduce expenses, but it might be a little uncomfortable, particularly during prolonged periods of use. If you just require headphones for a one-hour workout in a day, then I think they’ll be able to do the job.

Another reason that is much more plausible is that the purpose of the headband is designed to help keep the weight in check.

Ear Pads/Cups

Thankfully, Soul realized it’s unnecessary to design earpieces with leather for workout headphones. The main issue with ear cups made of leather is that they lose their appeal when they sweat a lot, and the smell can be uncomfortable. Luckily, the earpads are removable so that you can wash them if they start to get filthy. If you want to clean your earpads, I suggest washing them with warm water and detergent or disinfectant. Another great feature of the headphones is that the earcups fold backward to make it easy to store them. The headphones are ideal for travel since they can be carried in any luggage.

The earpads are protected by breathable material and feature plenty of padding.

The earcups also feature increased airflow and breathing capacity.

This mesh’s large surface permits more air-to-moisture contact, allowing your body to have the same ease. If you are unfortunate enough to break the ear pads of your ears or wear them out, make sure you have an additional pair.

The ear cups move on joints, and you can rotate them around so that the inside is facing your face.

A USB charging slot in the lower part of the suitable ear pads and the 3.5mm Jack slot.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is HD, and, no doubt, you can genuinely listen to your music and movies with high-quality sound. From a good standpoint, from a proper perspective, from the appropriate mindset, the Soul X-TRA wireless produces balanced bass, clear highs, and mids.

Dynamic drivers of 40 millimeters generate the sound of the headphones. The audio quality is HD. It’s true. It’s possible to listen to your music and movies with high-quality sound.


These headphones run on a Li-ion battery of 320mAH. Polymer battery The headphones can run all day without wires.

Therefore, if you can spend 1 hour of exercise, this is three weeks of listening. Three weeks before the time you’ll need to recharge your batteries is incredible.

Remember that your battery’s length of time depends on using your headphones.

If they are always on high volume and are linked to multiple devices, the time between them can reduce. Staying current with the most recent headphone technology, these headphones feature a fast-charging option.

A quick charge of 15 minutes can provide 2.5 hours of playtime or 2.5 fitness sessions. The battery life depends on your safety LED switched off or on. The 24-hour timeframe determines when the light for safety goes off.

If the warning light is on, the headphones can be used for eight hours without interruption before they require a recharge.


The headphones are compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, which means they’re compatible with most Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth range Bluetooth spectrum is the typical range of approximately 33 feet or 10 meters. The headphones have built-in microphones that allow you to make and answer calls with the headphones.

Under Armour JBL Sport Wireless Train headphones. The best sweatproof headphones to wear at working out.

You can expect as long as 16 hours of battery time. This means you could utilize headphones for as long as two weeks of working out before needing to recharge. The headphones come with a quick charge feature which allows an hour of playback time for five minutes of charge.

[amalinkspro type=”showcase” asin=”” apilink=”″ associate-id=”undefined” new-window=”1″ addtocart=”0″ nofollow=”1″ sc-id=”4″ imgs=”!important%3B%20margin%3A0px%20!important%3B%22%20%2F%3E” link-imgs=”false” stack-imgs=”false” specs=”Featuring two of Under Armour’s unique fabric technologies, the Under Armour Sport Wireless Train is no doubt built for the gym. Under Armour, SuperVent lines the outer ear cushions of the headphone and delivers true breathability in a light, durable, fast-drying fabric that is removable and hands washable.~~~The Under Armour grip material completely lines the inner headband and ear cushions, providing a soft feel and maximum stability. Wireless headphones that last long and recharge quickly. One hour of workout time on just 5 minutes charge.~~~Using unique JBL sound and its microphone technology, Bionic Hearing allows you to hear your surroundings. With TalkThru Technology, music is lowered, and speech is amplified through mics in these wireless earphones.~~~Without removing your wireless headphones, you can easily chat with a workout partner between sets or before yoga class.~~~Rugged design with an IPX4 rating, these headphones are tested by athletes to withstand sweat, the demands of training, and being tossed in and out of your gym or yoga bag.~~~” btn-color=”#ff9900″ btn-text=”Buy on Amazon” alignment=”alignnone” hide-prime=”0″ hide-image=”0″ hide-reviews=”0″ hide-price=”0″]JBL Under Armour Sport Wireless Train – On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Made for Sport. Wireless Headset with IPX4 Sweatproof, Works with Android and Apple iOS[/amalinkspro]


The easy-to-connect Bluetooth (r) technology delivers no cables and performs zero distraction. If you are ready to connect your headphones, switch them on and see the light blue indicating that your headphones are now prepared to connect to your device. In your gadget, they’ll be displayed in the form of JBL rocks; if you are outside, the Bluetooth is perfectly functional.

The Bluetooth range is not suited to allow for considerable distances. I wouldn’t try to extend the range of the Bluetooth beyond 9-10m, which is about 30 feet.

Sound Quality

The sound is powerful and is tuned to sports with a vast bass to smother any exercise. The JBL audio quality is excellent and so incredible!

However, with that stated, the audio here is excellent and thumpy, with plenty of the umph that I believe anyone a gym enthusiast will love. In the typical JBL style, they have plenty of bases and clear, crystal-clear sound.


Extra-large controls with top-quality finishes ensure durability and are easy to access.

Talk Through Technology

Its Talk-Thru technology is highly ingenious and cuts down how loud your tunes are. Switches on the speech-optimized noise-canceling microphones can quickly (or for a longer time) talk between workout sets without taking off your headphones.

The communication technology is powered by the AU logo located on the right side. This is a great feature when you need to chat with a friend at the gym. However, you don’t think of taking off your headphones this.

The technology used within the chat-through function is similar to the one used in noise cancellation technology. You also can muffle your microphone when you make phone calls.

Apple Airpods Max Review – Best over-ear headphones for working out

There are significant changes to the fabric, From canopy to cushion. The new design of the AirPods Max creates the perfect Acoustic seal to suit various head styles that result in you fully immersing in every sound.

Frame and Headband

The stainless steel frame is covered with a soft material that provides durability, flexibility, and ease of use. The headband has been developed to decrease pressure on the head thanks to a mesh with breathable fabric that disperses the weight.

Telescopic arms

The arms’ smooth, telescoping telescoping telescoping extensions are set in the spot where you place the telescoping components.

Anodised Cups of aluminum

Use the latest technology and design to ensure that each cup rotates independently and is balanced with pressure.

Comfortable ear cushions

Ear cushions are wrapped with an individualized mesh of textile that provides the softness of a pillow when listening. Acoustically Engineered Memory Foam forms an immersive seal that acts as the main ingredient in the sound generated by these headphones.

Digital Crown

It is located in the upper part of the right earcup. It lets you precisely control the volume, jump between tracks, take phone calls, or activate Siri.

Audio with high-fidelity

AirPods Max incorporates high-fidelity audio featuring the latest Active Noise Cancellation, which provides the most immersive listening experience. Custom-designed drivers are used to creating audio with ultra-low distortion throughout the entire audible spectrum. Every sound is heard with incredible clarity, from rich, deep bass to precise mids and clean, clear highs.

Immersive listening

AirPods are the amplification of six microphones facing outwards that can detect any noise in your environment to block out unwanted external sounds. In comparison, two inward-facing microphones record the sound you’re hearing.

Beamforming microphones block your voice from calls. They are straightforward, even in the presence of winds in the surrounding.

Hear every word

The dynamic driver developed by Apple creates a wide frequency range that highlights the details in every sound. This ensures that your favorite songs have a distinct texture and are accurate.”

Playback with no distortion

It ensures clear playback even at maximum volume.

Drawing inspiration from premium floor-standing speakers.

The driver’s dual-neodymium ring magnetic motor dramatically reduces harmonic distortion over the entire spectrum of audible.

Immersive listening

To block out unwanted external sounds, AirPods Max uses six microphones facing outwards to pick up noise from your surroundings and two inward-facing microphones to determine the sound you’re hearing.

Beamforming microphones aid in isolating your voice during calls, making it crystal clear even in high winds.

The dynamic driver developed by Apple has a wide range of frequencies that reveal each sound’s intricate detail. It delivers your favorite songs with previously unseen quality and precision.

The Apple H1 chipset is included in every cup.

Makes use of computational audio to create a truly unique experience.

By tapping into the ten audio cores, audio blocks outside noise and adapts the sound to fit and cushion your ear and gives you a different immersive sound experience.


A noise-control button lets you change to Transparency mode. This lets outside sound in, so you can interact with the surrounding.

Its Active Noise Cancellation blocks external sounds with equal noise and lets you get lost in what is being played entirely.

Adaptive EQ

Creates sound according to the exact fitting and seal made by the cushioning of the ear.

The microphones that face inwards determine the sound you hear and then adjust the frequency of your music to enjoy a full, consistent sound that accurately reproduces each note.

Spatial Audio

Spatial audio that includes dynamic head tracking, which provides surround sound.

Utilizing built-in accelerometers and gyroscopes, AirPods Max and your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV track the subtle movement of your head and send the sound on your gadget. In Apple Music, spatial audio with head tracking that is dynamic places audio all around you, creating an immersive listening experience.

One-tap set-up

Make sure that your AirPods Max connects immediately to your iPhone or iPad. Simply put AirPods Max near your device and click Connect on the screen to pair.

Seamless Switching

You can move seamlessly between your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV devices. If you’re listening to the music from your Mac while taking a call using the iPhone, AirPods Max will automatically switch to your iPhone.

Audio Sharing

Connecting an audio stream to two pairs of AirPods on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV is easy. If you’re carrying AirPods near the device that you’re listening to, and then connect it with the tap

On-Head Detection

It is essential to ensure that you have your AirPods Max pause audio when you remove them and resume playing back when they are put back in.

Announce Messages

By using Announce Notifications, Siri can read important notifications from messages or Calendars, Phones Reminders, and other notifications when they are received. You can also tell Siri to respond with no hands needed.

With SiriAlways on – Find directions, check the weather, schedule a meeting, and much more by saying, “Hey Siri.”

Extended Battery Life

You’ll get an hour of audio time, film watching, or talking time using Active Noise Cancellation and spatial audio.

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