Best open back headphones for gaming

It’s hard not to be stunned by the speed at which PC and video games have developed in the past few decades. However, it’s not only the graphics. Audio enhancements are equally significant in providing the most immersive experience possible.

There’s no doubt that headphones can be the preferred method for gaming. If Mark Cerny unveiled the Tempest audio engine for the Play station 5, he noted that headphones were the best method of experiencing its groundbreaking 3D audio.

However, you shouldn’t buy any pair. They require a significant frequency response that can give explosive oomph and let wheel spins sing. They need an open soundstage that captures the vastness of the hazardous landscapes you cross. They also require exact imaging to ensure you know each gunshot’s source.

In this buying guide, I’ll take readers through my personally-made suggestions for open-back headphones that can elevate your gaming experience up a notch. Then, I’ll go over the different considerations you have to consider before purchasing.

What are the Open Back Headphones?

Open-back headphones have the earcups open, which exposes the driver to the surrounding. This allows sound to escape the headphones, which results in a better stereo image and more excellent natural audio.

They also let in ambient background noise, which is helpful for those who need to be conscious of their surroundings when listening to music. Open-back headphones are usually employed in studio environments where precise sound reproduction is essential. However, they can serve as gaming headphones or general listening.

There are many open-back headphones; however, the two most well-known designs are the closed-back and semi-open-back styles. The closed-back style features ear cups covering the ears, whereas semi-open back designs have partially open ears.

This permits some sound to escape the headphones. This is beneficial to those who have to be aware of their surroundings when they listen to music.

What is the difference between Closed as well as Open Headphones?

In terms of headphones, there are two primary models: open and closed. Closed headphones block your ears from the external world, whereas available headphones don’t. This has a significant effect on the sound quality comfort and noise isolation.

Closed-back headphones are superior in blocking out outside noise and are ideal for areas with lots of noise, such as railway stations or airports. They also provide a more powerful audio bass and are perfect for watching movies and gaming. However, closed-style headphones may be uncomfortable when worn for prolonged periods as they don’t always sound as great as open-earphones.

Open headphones let you be more aware of the surroundings. They are an excellent option for outdoor activities as well as public transport. They also give an even sound with less emphasis on bass. But, open headphones aren’t as effective in blocking sound as closed ones, and they may be uncomfortable for those with big ears.

Are open-back headphones Great for Gaming?

Open-back headphones are fabulous for gaming as they permit you to listen to your surroundings without affecting the sound. This is crucial for players who compete and need to stay aware of the surroundings and helps avoid accidents while playing. There are several options of good open-back headphones for gaming you will see below in the article.

Furthermore, open-back headphones give enhanced stereo quality and more natural sound. This is also beneficial when playing competitively.

We’ve now discussed the advantages of open-back headphones and the difference from closed-back ones. Let’s look at our top choices for the seven best open-back headphones for gaming.

The First Thing to Consider

Before looking for the headphone you want, consider the amount you’ll need to pay for this particular item and the sound quality you are searching for.

This is important because it will not just limit your search but also let you focus on the essential products and save you lots of time.


There is a good chance you’re moving away from the traditional gaming headsets and purchasing an open-back headset; then, you’re looking for better audio quality.

A higher-quality sound you can enjoy with headphones with an open back. Therefore the most important thing is to determine what kind of sound quality you require for your gaming requirements. You do not want to end up regretting your purchase, are you? Straightforwardly, let’s divide sound into two categories of gaming.

  • Competitive Esports Games
  • Single-player story-driven games

The ideal open-back headphones to play the two types of games have distinct audio characteristics. This is why choosing the best sounding one is essential to the kind of game you are playing.

Gaming for competitive purposes

If you’re interested in playing competitive esports, an open-back headset with precise directional sound and clarity will satisfy your requirements.

Casual Gaming

The goal is to enjoy a relaxing and immersive gaming experience with a smooth and refined sound. These are headphones with an unbalanced and natural-sounding signature. It would help to look at Sennheiser HD 650, HarmonicDyne Zeus, and The AKG K612 Pro.

Sound Distribution

Sound distribution is the reason why open-back headphones are the ideal gaming headphones. The clarity and flexibility of these headphones enable gamers to hear their games’ sounds better. This is especially important for players engaged in online gaming. It allows them to spot the other players before hearing their voices or seeing them.

If you’re looking for an updated gaming headset, consider choosing open-back headsets as the ideal option for people who want themselves to become the only standing.


Comfortable sound is the 2nd element of any headphone since If a headphone doesn’t provide a relaxing experience, it’s not worth using it.

The comfort of a headset depends on the style and the material used to cushion it.

Ideally, for the best comfort, you need a light clamping force, ample headband adjustability, and plenty of padding for the earpads and the headband. The most comfortable headphones are the Philips SHP9500, with Beyerdynamics and the Sennheiser headphones being an even second.

Ear heat

Open-back headphones are often called “Semi-open headphones” since they do not close at the back entirely. This means they allow sound to leak out of the earcups and some ambient sound to soak into. So your ears will not become too hot. This is a problem that’s common with headphones that are closed back. When you play for long hours, it is essential not to be a victim of earburn.

Open-back headphones are a popular choice for gamers as they provide all the advantages of a conventional closed-back headset, plus the benefit of cooling your ears. The open-back design helps keep your ears from getting too hot and allows you to wear them during long online gaming sessions without worrying about discomfort.

If you’re searching for an updated pair of headphones that can let you play for hours without the discomfort caused by heat and sweaty ears, open-back headphones are the best option!

The ability to attach an Audio Microphone

In terms of style, the Audio Technica ATHAD700X are average-looking over-ears with a unique headband design. The large ear cups are cushioned with a soft cushion to provide maximum comfort. Headband features self-adjusting paddles that allow them to accommodate different head sizes.

They are decently built. However, they have many moving components. The covers on the outside are open to reduce pressure and produce natural-sounding audio with a frequency range from 5-30 Hz. They can be worn for long periods without feeling any tension on the head or ears. They are versatile and can be used for other uses, such as the home environment; this pair of headphones with an open back will last a long time.

However, they’re not the best to be used in quiet places as they let in lots of sounds and aren’t able to isolate users from the background noise.

Here are the best open-back headphones for gaming

Sennheiser HD 599

Sennheiser offers one of the best transducers that allow for deficient levels of distortion and high sound quality. The HD 599 by Sennheiser is an over-ear headphone specifically designed for audiophiles. It features the same design as its predecessor, which was that of the Sennheiser HD 598. Still, with a more comfortable padding and a stylish look. The earcups are slightly different, featuring the grills made of plastic and more metal surrounding the cups. The acoustic open-back design will give gamers a highly immersive sound that gives you the most realistic gaming sound.

Additionally, it features an ethereal and smooth sound with lead instruments and vocals that are clean and clear. Thanks to the open-back design, you’ll get an open and spacious soundstage. It also has an outstanding frequency response that is consistent. The bass and treble delivery are more stable and don’t change in any way based on the headset’s fit, seal, and location. The only issue is that this Sennheiser HD 599 lacks a companion app with presets and an EQ. So, it’s not possible to customize the audio. You’ll be amazed by how timeless the ivory hue looks and the fact that it is easy to replace the earpads.

Alongside the top-quality sound quality, these headphones with an open back for gaming are comfortable. They feature velour cushions on the ears and a cushioned headband, making them ideal for gaming for extended periods. They’re also pretty breathable headphones. In contrast to most closed-back headphones, they don’t trap the heat in your ears. However, you could sweat more if you wear them during training because they’re not made to be used for sports.

In the end, The HD 599 headset for gaming offers a great mix of style and elegance and incredible comfort during wear, and an incredibly accurate, rich sound.

Massdrop x Sennheiser Gaming Headpones

Sennheiser offers a variety of gaming headsets listed on the list. With well-founded reasons. Sennheiser is an excellent name concerning audio technologies. They are well-known for producing top-quality studio headphones that offer balanced audio. Similar to other top-of-the-line Sennheiser gaming headphones, they also provide the Massdrop X headphones feature a great microphone and sound quality. They also have adjustments to make it more enjoyable. They’re their top audio quality gaming headphones.

In terms of aesthetics, it’s visually appealing. Massdrop X headphones are handsome and unassuming. Even though they are not equipped with the glitzy, elegant designs or bright LEDs common to other products on this market, they are an ideal headset for gamers.

All the components are matte black, so they can seamlessly blend into your battle station or workplace setup. The headband is adjustable that is comfortable and secure, regardless of what size your head might be. In addition, their vast velvet earpads offer a comfortable fitting. On the left earcup, there’s an adjustment wheel for volume that allows rapid adjustments in the high-energy battle.

The headsets are large and have oversized earpads made of velour. Their band is made of plastic. And It has thick velour cushions. Because the Massdrop X headphone is lightweight and has an unclosed back design, heat buildup shouldn’t be a problem. Suppose you’re a gamer on consoles and want to use your headphones with sticks with PCV 05. In that case, the PCV 05 adapter is for headsets by converting two of your headphones’ connections into one jack and enhancing compatibility with Nintendo Switch, PS4, PCs, and Macs. You’ll need to connect the Xbox Stereo Headset adapter to an Xbox One if you’d like the Massdrop X headphones.

The drivers of these headphones are identical to those they have included in HD600 and HD598 headphones. HD600 and the HD598 headphones are known for their ability to please the most discerning audiophiles. They’re set in a way to enhance the natural sound quality. This provides more clarity to your music and games.

The drivers are angled, and the open-back design means that the headphones provide a great degree of awareness of the surrounding environment while playing. Additionally, you’ll enjoy more excellent stereo imaging and location precision, which gives you a competitive advantage. Furthermore, this set comes with a booming noise-canceling microphone which reduces background noise and makes your voice full and clear for crystal-clear communications.

Suppose you’re comfortable with the idea of a pair of wired headphones. In that case, This gaming headset is an excellent option if you’re looking to prioritize the sound quality over everything other factors.

Astro Gaming A40 TR X-Edition

The Astro Gaming headphones feature a rugged and robust design, expertly combined with the highest level of comfort. Ear cushions are padded by soft cloth. They are comfortable with no pressure. It comes with a durable plastic frame with adjustable headbands, as well as precise notches to assist you in creating the perfect fitting. Worrying about being displaced because of a typical shoulder tilt or head scratch is unnecessary. What stands out most is the large amount of interchangeable and removable parts.

Most of its components can be removed, such as the boom microphone, the speaker tags attached to the earcups, and even the earcups themselves. Magnets or jacks connect the parts.

They also have a 3.5mm lengthy audio wire and a 3.5mm extended splitter for computers with separate microphones or audio ports. One of the most striking things about the gaming headsets is that they were designed and developed by game designers and professional gamers. Who else would know the needs of a gamer in the same way as the game’s creators? If you’re interested in competitive games, you’ll want the benefits of these headphones at your side.

The microphone built-in is unidirectional and highly sensitive for maximum audio quality and clear chat audio on your side. You can easily remove the microphone if you do not need it. In terms of gaming performance, this model Astro Gaming A40 TR X-Edition delivers balanced, precise, and native sound for all gaming genres. You can use it in conjunction with Real-time Strategy (RTS) and first-person shooter (FPS) or adventure-based games on the consoles of your PC, PS4 and Switch.

With a focus on versatility, You can alter them into the open or closed-back model. This is an excellent alternative if you’re participating in any competition.

Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X

This single-sided cord is composed of oxygen-free copper.

Beyerdynamic DT Pro 990

Looking for open-back gaming headsets with an elegant design, look into Beyerdynamic’s DT990 Pro headphones. They’re perfect for audiophiles who need a reliable pair of headphones to play games or listen to music and edit their audio.

The earcups are incredibly soft and comfortable. They offer a sensational level of comfort and reduce the heat. However, the headband isn’t as rigid, making the headsets snug enough to become uncomfortable during lengthy gaming sessions. The wired headphones have a fantastic passive sound stage that is significant, spacious, and natural.

These Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones are made from high-end materials (which makes up for the higher price). The frame is made entirely of metal and has a removable padding cover. They are corded cables connected. This allows for a noise level of 96 decibels.

While the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones provide excellent sound quality, their open-back design isn’t ideal for usage. They can’t block any noise from the outside and are prone to leak even at low levels.

Phillips SHP9500

The SHP9500 Phillips headphones are designed for audiophiles on a tight budget. If you shop around for these headphones, they can almost always be found for less than $100. They come with 50mm neodymium speakers that help to provide full-spectrum sound.

Although they’re not wireless, they come with a 1.5m long cable that detaches, perfect for most situations. The breathable headband makes them ideal for long gaming sessions.

The headphones feature an amplitude of 12-35,000hz. Which is remarkable for their price? If you’re on a tight budget and want high-quality sound, These headphones should be on your list of options.


Here are a few questions you might have on your thoughts.

Are the Open Back headphones the most suitable option for gaming?

They’re more effective since they let you experience more immersion in the experience. The Open-Back headphones mean you’ll know when you are in the home of someone waiting for you and keep you aware of the surroundings.

But they’re not the best option when you live with many players and want to have peace while playing. That means you’ll continue bringing part of the sound when you play.

Do Open Back headphones sound better?

Technically speaking, they sound better. Are you aware of what it is like in the theater, and the music comes from all directions? This is the experience Open Back headphones are like but smaller.

Which is better? Open-back or closed-back?

The choice between them is an opinion. It is based on your requirements and personal preferences.

Open Back is the right choice for you if you’re looking for headphones that have a realistic sound and give you the feeling that you’re entirely in the music.

But, if you’d rather shut off the world outside and prevent everything from getting in between your music, Closed-back could be better for you.

Are Open Back headphones noise canceling?

No. Open Back headphones are similar to two-way roads that allow music to enter just as fast as the piece exits the headphones.

Are Closed Back and Open back the only kinds of headphones?

There are also semi-open back headphones that offer both the worst and best worlds. They are generally closed, except for a few parts, while the available details aren’t huge. However, they let space for air and good flow through.

Semi-open back headphones are generally fabulous for listening at home. However, they’re not suitable for professional or heavy-duty listening.

Do other listeners be able to hear your music via headphones? Open Back headphones?

Yes. Since open-back headphones operate by emitting sound, others can hear your music if they’re close enough.


When choosing the best gaming headset must depend on individual preferences. These headphones can be fabulous for gamers who want ease of use, cooling, and a natural sound.

The kind of open-back headphones you select will depend on what’s essential to you. You might decide you’re looking to invest a significant amount of money for a premium set of headphones. Perhaps, you consider that quality isn’t so crucial as the price. In the end, your selection of headphones should be based on what will make you feel the most comfortable with your gaming experience to the maximum.

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