The Best headphones for toddlers to listen to on planes

A seat in the window and headphones designed for toddlers will help parents get through the flight. When traveling with toddlers can bring some tears, the most effective toddler headphones will supplement your toddler’s airplane activities to make the experience a bit less complicated.

The experience of flying with toddlers is likely to differ with each flight, but parents will always try different things to make plane travel as easy as possible. While it’s crucial not to worry about a bad flight, it’s essential to be ready in case the plane crashes! Engaging your toddler and keeping them busy is essential!

The loud sound of an aircraft can be impossible for children to concentrate even with a deafening volume in the headphones. This, along with the constant movement of people in the air, can be highly distracting for toddlers. We recommend purchasing an excellent pair of toddler headphones! Before buying the top toddler headphones available, you should be aware of some things.

The List of 12 Best Headphones for Toddlers to listen on planes

CozyPhones Kids Headphones – Best headphones for toddlers

When you first see this pair of headphones, you could think you’re buying the wrong one since they’re not your typical headphones. This is one reason we like them immensely!

They look just like a regular headband worn by kids. Still, they also come with headphones that are protected. They feature an ultra-thin 1/8 ” volume-limiting speaker and an extremely long and durable tangle-unbraided cord. They’re also compatible with the vast majority of gadgets available. Due to their size, they are advised for toddlers aged 3 to.

They’re an excellent option for children who aren’t keen on wearing traditional headphones on their ears. They also come with a minor bonus feature that’s ideal for travel. You can put the headband over the child’s face so that it transforms into a mask for sleep! We all know how difficult it is to sleep on an airplane.

BBTKCARE Baby Ear Headphones that block noise – Best headphones for toddlers

These headphones are a fantastic choice for babies and toddlers. They guard your child against noises that can be a nuisance and help them rest on planes. Even though they can’t connect to an electronic device, they can reduce the sound for them. They’re perfect for loud outdoor fireworks, events, concerts, and travel.

If you look closely at these headphones, you’ll realize they are more like a standard pair of headphones. They feature a softly padded design, making them suitable for babies’ sensitive heads and ears. They can be adapted to fit the head of your baby and are also reasonably priced.

Baby Ear Headphones for Protection from Ears

The second set of headphones is designed specifically for the baby’s ears. Another option is when you want to block out noise and don’t require them to connect to devices. These headphones suit youngsters between 3 months and three years old. They’re constructed with an experienced noise-dampening sponge and an extra-thick solid cup that helps protect your child’s ears. These headphones ensure that there is no pressure on your baby’s ears or head.

If you’re attending a concert, on an aircraft, at a fireworks display, or some other outdoor event, the headphones are an excellent way for your child (and yourself) to have fun without worrying about the noise.

The MPow Kids’ Headphones – Best headphones for toddlers

These are the perfect option if you’re searching for headphones to block out noise and connect to your devices. These headphones have an audio limiter that doesn’t permit the volume to exceed 85 decibels. The headband can be adjusted to accommodate any child’s head. The earpads are also cushioned without sharp corners, making the headphones more comfortable for children.

One of the best aspects of this set of headphones is that they can be linked to a different pair of headphones without the need for splitting. The sharing interface is on the right-hand side, allowing kids to connect with an extra pair of headphones. If you have kids sharing headphones while traveling, the sharing option could save the day!

If you purchase one of these headphones, they’ll last longer since they’re suitable for children from 2 to 3 years old. The product’s cost and quality make them the perfect choice for traveling with your children.

WOICE Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones – Best headphones for toddlers

The Voice Cat Ear Bluetooth headphones are the most adorable what a cute toddler would be wearing little cat ears on their headphones. A majority of the colors are for girls. However, there’s an option of green and blue for boys. The ears glow and make it look cute. These headphones feature the ability to share, which allows your children to listen to identical music simultaneously. This helps avoid arguments between siblings on your trip to the airport or the road.

The battery’s life span is on the low end, at around 8 hours, which is lower than the other headphones we reviewed for toddlers. If they’re not used frequently, I don’t think that is a problem for many families who travel with their toddlers. Most complaints revolve around the headphones falling off in the folding mechanisms’ vicinity. We love these headphones is their 30-day 100% money-back assurance. They are returnable in any way should you not be satisfied with them or break them.

If they stop working for no one else’s fault, you are covered by a 6-month replacement warranty. It is possible to purchase a new pair with no hassle.

Baby Ear Protection Noise-Cancelling Headphones from Damai

Suppose you’re trying to shield your infant’s ears from noise when traveling to allow them the best nap possible in the air. In that case, you might want to think about these headphones. We love these headphones because they’re recommended for infants. In contrast, alternatives start around the age of 2 or 3 months.

They shield your baby from the noise of trains, planes, fireworks shows, concerts, and other outdoor activities. The sides can be adjusted and provide a decent amount of cushioning for the baby’s ears. They’re also an excellent choice for babies of all sizes and will help grow babies.

Friday Baby Ear Protection Headphones

There’s another option to consider for you to safeguard your baby’s ears during travel. Baby Ear Protection headphones are designed for infants and two-year-olds this Thursday. These come with the over-the-ear cups that we talked about earlier. If you believe your child might find them more comfortable than headphones, this might be an excellent alternative for you. They’re very light and therefore ideal for taking on trips. They also come with an elastic, soft headband to ensure they don’t harm your child’s head.

Because these headphones block out the noise, it can be easier for your child to sleep on the plane. One of the main drawbacks is that they cannot connect to an electronic device. Although this might not be an issue for newborns, it could be a problem for parents of children who are older. These headphones are more expensive than the other models compared to headphones with similar features.

HEARTEK Children Ear Security

At this cost, this pair of ear protectors is an excellent value, particularly when you’re looking for something to block the noise out while you’re on a plane with your infant. They’re cushioned and feature adjustable ear cups that can be worn comfortably and soundproof.

These are suitable for toddlers and infants. Therefore you will make the most of your investment. They’re easy to adjust and ideal for heads of different sizes. A plus is that they include metal connectors that can be removed or added so that the needs of toddlers and babies can use them. They fold flat, making them great for travel since they don’t take up much space in your luggage. They’re also perfect for loud events, like concerts and fireworks. However, one disadvantage is that they cannot be plugged into any other device. They’re designed to block sound.

LilGadgets Untangled Pro Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

These LilGadgets’ Untangled Pro Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are the priciest toddler headphones we have reviewed. These headphones for toddlers feature Sharepoint Technology, allowing multiple headphones to be linked to one device without splitters. Parents and siblings won’t have to argue over headphones as everyone can listen to their devices. The battery can last up to 12 hours and 180 days on standby. An audio cable is provided to charge the battery or for your child to use while on the plane to enjoy films.

There are complaints in critiques that it’s too quiet. It is not enough. It’s a matter of preference because some parents prefer lower volumes and others prefer a higher volume to lessen the background noise from the plane. These might be unsuitable if your child has a more oversized head. If you’d like to support their mission, a portion of your purchase will be donated to non-profit organizations to prevent bullying and raise awareness.

ONANOFF Buddy Phones

They come with a built-in volume limiter technology that safeguards children’s ears. The volume is set at 85 decibels. Additionally, you get the benefit of sharing a cable that has an integrated microphone. Be sure that the feature is not working on the plane!

The shareable audio cable comes with up to four pairs of headphones that can be connected to one device. The phones also come with custom-designed stickers and lovely illustrations. They also have custom-designed stickers that are fun. ONAOFF Buddy Phones are available in a variety of styles and colors. Your child will find one they enjoy. While they might be more expensive than other models, a few extra features make them worth the price.

While children under the age of three might not be able to use these, once you buy the items, your child can utilize them as they grow older. Therefore, they could be on your wish list if you do not have a baby yet.

Alpine Baby Muff Ear Protection

Suppose you’re searching for the most suitable headphones for toddlers, babies, and planes. In that case, they might be the perfect choice when you’re looking to block out noise. They’re also lightweight and can be put in a convenient backpack for travel. They are different from other headphones in that they come with an adjustable band instead of a more firm arch around the head of the infant. This could allow them to be more comfortable.

The headphones also have an NR of 18 decibels, protecting your baby’s hearing and ears. If you’re traveling on an airplane, they will lower the sound volume to allow your child to sleep and relax without being awakened. It is essential to know that they’re more expensive than other headphones that don’t offer connectivity. There are headphones available in the market with more excellent functions and are less expensive. Make sure you research thoroughly to ensure that you can find the perfect headphones for your child.

iClever BTH03 Kids Headphones

Our most loved toddler headphones are IClever BTH03 Headphones for Kids due to their durability and can endure the abuse of our because they are durable and have been able to withstand our destructive toddler. They’ve lasted through being thrown, dropped, and even pushed over by a bicycle. If you have a very active toddler, these headphones are ideal for you.

Of all the headphones for toddlers on our list, these have the most extended battery lifespan, 22 hours. It’s almost three times the length of any other headphones for toddlers included on our list. After the battery has died, a 3.5-millimeter backup jack will ensure that the headphones will last until the next charge. This jack allows you to stream shows or movies on an airplane.

The case comes with a carry case that keeps them fresh and avoids being lost. The most appealing thing about these is their cost. You can purchase them for less than $25, which means you don’t have to spend much if you own a Hulk-like figure.

What features should you look for when trying to find the ideal toddler headphones to travel with?

  • Noise cancellation and noise-limiting features will ensure your child doesn’t listen to their gadgets at the highest volume to block out any external noise.
  • Foldable, compact headphones that easily fit inside any backpack are the best choice when traveling along with other necessities.
  • If you have a family that has several children sharing ports without a splitter can be a great option to avoid fighting between siblings.
  • Make sure you choose headphones that gently wrap around your toddler’s ears instead of bulky headphones that could cause internal damage.
  • Sizes that can be adjusted to ensure your child can wear the clothes for longer are intelligent investments.
  • Although wired headphones do not need to be charged, they can provide the option of sharing (share ports and splitters); hyperactive kids may pull, chew, or put the cords in a ring.
  • The nature and age of your child could assist you in selecting the most suitable type of headphones for their needs. It should be the primary concern to ensure your child’s comfort, with fashion choices and colors for keeping the headphones on their ears.
  • Cost is another aspect to consider, so look for deals such as two packs of headphones when you have more than one child.

How to Select the best headphones for toddlers to listen on planes?

The most important considerations when choosing the ideal headphone for a toddler should be security and comfort. This means it should be soft, comfortable, and easily slip over your child’s ears. It would help if you are looking for designs free of strong hinges or sharp parts that can get caught on clothing, and hair is essential.

In the end, headphones for toddlers shouldn’t cause any harm to your hearing. The term “noise-induced hearing loss,” identified by Johns Hopkins, occurs when children’s ears are damaged through prolonged exposure to loud music. This can be caused by devices such as tablets and iPads and learning devices such as laptops, the loud sound of the TV, and music.

Ensure that your child’s headphones come with an adjustable volume limiter is a sure method to prevent this. Check for symptoms of hearing impairment in kids that may manifest as described below.


In the case of headphones for toddlers and babies, your purchase will be contingent on how long you’d like to use them and for what purpose.

Due to their unique design and capability to function as a sleeping mask, We love the CozyPhones Children’s Headphones. The idea of them being fun and comfortable means forcing your child to wear them won’t be necessary. We’ve all experienced how irritating this can be, especially when you’re on the road. They can block out the music and work with most available gadgets.

If you’re looking for just baby headphones that do not have connectivity, the best choice for you is BBTCARE Baby Ear Protector Noise-cancelling headphones. They can block a significant amount of noise from your travels and make it much easy for your baby to rest during the flight. Keep in mind that the more relaxed and relaxed your child feels when flying, the more content you’ll be with the other passengers. Let’s have safe and tranquil journeys!

After you’ve dealt with the safety issues, you can find toddler-safe headphones that are bright and colorful! The vibrant colors appeal to kids of all ages and can be an excellent way to display their style. Every child is unique and deserves the most distinctive and top headphones available for flights.

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