The Best headphones for people who wear glasses

If you are concerned that your temples always feel tension-filled after working all day wearing headsets, You are not alone. It could be due to your glasses. The arms of your frames sit between your temples and are pulled up over your head when slung into a pair of headphones, increasing the tension with the best headphones for glasses wearers. You will lower the pressure and avoid stressing about playing your favorite music, making calls, listening to podcasts, and wearing glasses. So, we researched the best headphones for people who wear glasses.

The better option is to purchase in-ear Earbuds, in the case of headphones for people who wear glasses (especially when you require an ongoing prescription, not only occasionally blocker of blue lights pair). The headphones for over-ear use are comfortable enough for long periods and offer unbeatable noise-canceling quality. They’re great for lessening headaches, but they also help safeguard long-term hearing health.

Headphone manufacturers are creating excellent choices these days, with the goal of ear convenience in their minds. There are specifically designed models that offer cushioning and headband comfort that people who wear glasses will be happy with. Here are our top choices for glasses-friendly headphones that are so lightweight that you may not even realize that you’re wearing these headphones.

What are the best headphones for Glasses Wearers?

Even the top headphones offer differences in their comfortability. Here are some tips when selecting the right headphones to wear with glasses.

Earpad Material

When searching for glasses-compatible headphones, the comfort of your ears should be your top priority. Earpads made from rigid materials such as leather or synthetic fabrics will cause gaps in your glasses (the incorrect fit could affect the sound quality, as well). We recommend choosing headphones with softer, flexible padding to fit over the frames’ arms -Think memory foam suede, velour, or.

Over-ear and on-ear:

Over-the-ear headphones are the best option because they can distribute pressure more evenly instead of putting pressure directly on the ears. Earcups are typically padded around the arm of the glasses while not restricting discomfort completely; they provide unparalleled comfort compared to in-ear or over-ear headphones.


Wearing glasses will only increase the pressure you experience on the head, and the pain can escalate quickly with a tight headband. The padding on your headband may aid, but at the most, it needs to be adjustable to achieve the perfect fitting.

Glasses Frames

Beyond searching for the perfect headphones, some options have nothing to do with having to do with your headphones in any way by choosing the most appropriate frames. It will be uncomfortable over the long term to wear headphones with heavy-armed edges instead of smaller frames that are flat. Springing for a light frame structure will also lessen the pressure on your face and temples.

The list of best headphones for glasses wearers

Razer BlackShark Wireless

Its Razer BlackShark V2 Professional provides the best comfort for those wearing glasses and scores highly across the board in all categories. It’s not an audiophile’s ideal as the Beyerdynamic MMX 300; however, the 50mm drivers create well-balanced audio and can be used for gaming, films, and music.

It’s a comfortable headset with good mic response, a step up from the wired version. It doesn’t appear to suffer from the known wireless connection issues as its predecessor, the Arctis 9X wireless. It also has a 24-hour battery life, so you don’t have to recharge it every time you use it.

When connected to a PC and a laptop, when connected to a PC, Blackshark V2 Pro connects with the Razer Synapse software, allowing you to adjust your headset’s EQ and also enjoy the THX 7.1 Surround sound using its THX Spatial Audio application. The headset also has an oversized volume knob that protrudes from the left speaker, making it easy to alter the volume of your game at the moment.

Alongside its audio-related benefits, in addition to its audio benefits, in addition to all the audio benefits, Blackshark V2 Pro also happens to be highly comfortable for those who wear glasses. However, the Blackshark V2 Pro is slightly heavier than its wired counterpart, but users haven’t reported any discomfort due to this weight gain. It’s still relatively light, with a weight of only 320g.

The application of memory foam to the ear and headband assists in reducing clamping exerted on your eyes and glasses. Razer’s FlowKnit fabric will keep your ears calm throughout your game. Additionally, it has a looser fit, which helps the comfort of people who wear glasses.

There are, however, some drawbacks to this headset. Blackshark V2 Pro. The less snug fit because of the hinge construction, which is the best wireless headphones for glasses wearers, implies that the noise isolation could be better than other headsets on this list. The environment you are in may or may not be a problem.

The Issue for smaller heads

Another cause for concern is that when the headset is extended fully, the wired connection between the earphones and the headband is very tight. It shouldn’t be surprising to find this creates a problem for the long-term durability of the headset. This should be fine if you have a smaller and more minor head.

It is also important to note this V2 Pro is almost exclusively targeted at PC gamers. Because of its USB wireless dongle as well as apps and its not compatible with powerful consoles, it is nonexistent. You should explore other options on this list if you’re mostly an avid console player.

Overall, the Blackshark V2 Pro has lots to provide. It offers excellent audio quality, surround sound for gaming, outstanding comfort for those wearing glasses, and wireless connectivity. The only downsides are the absence of gaming console support and its price.

Turtle Beach Recon Spark Gaming Headset

It’s unnecessary to break open your savings account to get a good headset. It can be wired or constructed out of titanium or loaded with the most bells and whistles it will be. The most important thing that a headset should be able to deliver is the basics of quality of sound as well as comfort.

The Turtle Beach Recon Spark is one of many expensive headsets available. However, the price is misleading. If something is priced at a high price, it does not mean it’s better. Although it’s a top-budget gadget, “budget” remains the most appropriate term. Although it’s not perfect, it can deliver superior performance regardless.

The Recon Spark bears delightful aesthetics. The product is specifically designed for women with a light white and lavender color scheme; however, it’s an excellent option for anyone who loves gentle colors. Beyond the color scheme, it’s not a lot in terms of distinctive design features, instead staying in the same vein as a typical gaming headset.

And, of course, for glasses wearers, it comes equipped with prospects designed to be comfortable and specifically to ease the pressure placed on the earpieces of your glasses. However thoughtful that may be, it will only assist if the headset itself is comfortable enough.

However, that’s different from the situation regarding Recon Spark. If you’re lucky enough to get the Recon Spark, you may be lucky and discover it’s not the right choice for your skull.

However, of particular note are the Ear cushions. Constructed of synthetic leather over memory foam, the pillow should be expected to remain comfortable for a long time. But it could be better, and there may be some issues with prolonged usage of the headphones.


Although it’s a good idea for a short time, you may need an occasional break if your sessions go on for a long time. By doing some breaking and allowing the device to be able to fit your head, it will work flawlessly, but it’s an individual case.

Although it is mainly made of durable plastic and rubber, the Recon Spark includes a durable metal-reinforced ear band for long-term usage. If the band broke and fell off, it would lose all value in terms of functional internals or even no.

The Recon Spark speaks to its durability and will keep you playing for years of gaming right from the time you open the packaging. Be aware, however, that its topmost cushion is tiny.

Indeed, the Recon Spark isn’t wireless. Although that’s only suitable for some users, however, it means that it doesn’t need to deal with difficulties with connecting. This also means it’s more straightforward for its multi-platform compatibility to work, allowing you to move your Recon Spark between your devices effortlessly.

However, the microphone itself is an issue. While it’s a perfectly functioning microphone for the more significant part, it’s pretty tiny compared to the majority of microphones that you’ll encounter. Which can mean there will be bleeding of audio. Occasionally, the microphone needs to be fixed like you’d think it will. Thankfully, the microphone can turn itself off when flipped upwards, which helps mute quickly during the mid-game.

Although it’s not the perfect design, Recon Spark is a great headset. Recon Spark is excellent in sound quality, comfort using glasses, function, and flexibility. Its attractive design makes it a perfect accessory to a rig designed in a coordinated manner and can be a solid choice for female and male gamers alike.

Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2nd generation)

It was initially designed specifically for the private aviation market. The Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2nd generation) is among the market’s most highly-rated and immersive gaming headsets.

Like other headsets listed below, gaming headsets usually sacrifice different aspects of the audio experience to provide a competitive advantage; however, this is different for the MMX 300. With its high-quality audio and a realistic soundstage with a natural soundstage, the MMX 300 won’t disappoint. Because it is one of the priciest “gaming” headsets available on the market, we’d like to see the quality match the price.

With soft velour cushions, the MMX 300 will provide a pleasant experience for glasses wearers without rubbing your head or ears. The cushions are breathable, so there’s no risk of sweating your ears when wearing glasses. Similar to the LucidSound LSL25BK, The build is a bit smaller, meaning gamers with large ears or heads could find the headset tighter than they would prefer to wear for extended periods.

If you intend to stream online or to play games and stream online, you should consider the MMX 300 features one of the most potent microphones on the market. Many headphones, particularly wireless headsets, don’t give the usual low-quality sound and tinny quality. The microphone provides crisp voice quality with clarity and minimal distortion.

Receives Noise

We also observed that it receives tiny external noises, like keyboards, fans, or mice. It also has an integrated remote control wired, making it easy to alter your sound and make calls. It’s an excellent headset for gaming. MMX 300 is one of the top gaming headsets because it is.

Although the MMX 300 has received glowing reviews across the board, there is a common complaint about customers: the audio quality of the cable. After prolonged usage, many customers complained of continuous hissing or random popping and static sounds.

It’s a shame because the headset offers outstanding performance in all other categories. As of the date the review was written, Beyerdynamic is providing easy replacement of cables in case of any problems.

Another suggestion is to use an amplifier to get the best audio experience. The headset isn’t very in its own right; however, this could be due to the lack of an amplifier. This type’s headsets are always more effective when adequately powered.

The amplifier will bring additional expenses to an already expensive headset, so keep that in mind when purchasing an MMX 300. But it’s adequate, so you shouldn’t worry about it significantly.

Overall, the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 meets my expectations. If you’re looking for an audiophile experience and comfortable glasses-wearing comfort, this could be the headset you need. It comes with soft velvet cushions, crystal clear microphones, and audiophile-grade drivers; this could be the top gaming headset for people who wear glasses.

LucidSound LS25BK Gaming Headset

The more budget-conscious gamers might consider LucidSound’s LS25BK. The headset offers sound quality that rivals the best without consuming your budget. With 50mm drivers with a dual-mic system controlling the volume in the earcups and memory foam cushions for ear canals, this LucidSound headset includes numerous features you’d expect to see in more expensive headsets.

The LucidSound LSL25BK targets competitive gamers since the EQ is designed for gamers who compete. If you’ve ever played with headsets, this language usually shows that the bass response will be low. This is an excellent feature for gaming competitively because it lets you more easily detect the actions of other players and other game audio.

If you see someone crawling across the grass in your direction, you’d like to listen to them through a bass-heavy blast that can muddy the sound. Although this is an advantage for gaming competitively, it’s a problem for music. The headset can produce clear sound throughout the mid-to-high bands, but you’ll notice that the bass is sluggish. This may be better if you search for an audio headset suitable for listening to music.

Another feature that is interesting about the LS25BK headset is its dual-mic system. While the audio quality may not be the greatest, we’ll go into that later, and the convenience of having an adjustable boom mic can be great for mobile gaming and making calls. When the boom microphone has been removed, the second mic is activated, giving you the convenience of being without having to leave your PC or console.

Heavy Build

Despite its heavy build, the headset is very comfortable for regular users. The memory foam cushions and headband are hefty and very ventilated. Due to this, most people who wear glasses will be able to wear the headband comfortably without rubbing their drinks.

Since the LS25BK is a “budget” headset, it has certain flaws in its construction quality. Some users have complained that the headset was not adjustable and the earmuffs were too small. Consider other headsets in this list for those with a big head and ears.

Another drawback of this headset is the mic’s audio quality. LucidSound claims to have crystal-clear audio, but the LS25BK needs to manage to provide a different level of quality than other headsets listed on this list. Although the audio quality isn’t bad at low volumes, the sound quality is weak and lacks depth.

If you’re known for shouting after being shot, your colleagues could soon ask for an additional microphone. The distortion in the audio is evident at high volumes. This means that it will not be the ideal headset to stream.

Despite its flaws, the Lucid LS25BK provides a satisfying game experience even for those on limited budgets. Memory foam ear cushions and simple-to-use volume controls give the most comfortable experience for wearers. The top feature? It’s priced at a fair cost.

SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless

The SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless comes at a higher price than other headphones on this list. However, it comes with great features. The Arctis 9X Wireless delivers excellent frequency response, a 20-hour battery, and comfortable cushioning for your ears. This Arctis 9X also features on-ear controls that allow users to control the audio of chat and games without pausing their game.

Undoubtedly, the most popular feature of the Arctis 9X Wireless device is the fact that it has dual connectivity. It allows you to join your smartphone’s Bluetooth to play music, make calls, and connect via Xbox Wireless. This is a feature only a few headsets have. The headset has an integrated Xbox Wireless connection, so you don’t have to fiddle with dongles or cables. It’s also possible to lose a call while gaming if you want to.

Let’s discuss the comfort of people who wear glasses. Arctis, 9x wireless, is an excellent option for glasses wearers. Arctis 9x Wireless comes with AirWeave Ear Cushions that keep you cool during playing. The headset also comes with the ski-goggle headband style to reduce the stress on your glasses and your head.

If you feel the AirWeave cushions aren’t a good choice, they can be replaced with Arctis Velour or leather alternatives. They’ll give you a comfortable fit. However, they might not be as rated as Turtle Beach’s Turtle Beach headsets for glasses-wearing comfort.

Low range

Every headset could be better, And the Arctis 9X Wireless seems resistant to this. In our investigation, we encountered a complaint that came up multiple times. Although most users are satisfied with the headset at a price, It’s crucial to enter the room with all eyes open.

The primary issue reported was that wireless headphones can not have a reliable connection when connected to the Xbox. The users reported performance issues ranging from intermittent crackling to constant disconnects.

A few users might need to power cycle their headset or even quit playing to sync the headset again with their Xbox. The most frequent complaints seem to originate from Xbox players; however, we’re still determining if this problem affects users of the Bluetooth adapter.

If you’ve already purchased Arctis 9X Wireless or have already purchased Arctis 9X Wireless and have problems, you’re likely experiencing issues in your WiFi network. If you’re comfortable with the device, it could be worth checking your router and switching the frequency of wireless on your network since interference between wireless and WiFi headsets is common. There are a lot of guides available online that could assist you with this.

This Arctis 9X Wireless will deliver a fantastic sound experience, good sound quality, and high comfort for those who wear glasses. Although they’re not specifically designed for people who wear glasses like those Turtle Beach headsets on this list, they will offer a pleasant listening experience backed by excellent sound and mic response.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Gaming Headset

Being one of the most expensive gaming headsets that you’re likely to look around for, you’ll like to see you could find that Steel Series Arctis Pro can fully and adequately meet its cost. The many areas in which Arctic Pro is judged under the sun can hit the ground running.

The first thing to note is that it needs to be designed with specific attributes developed explicitly for glasses wearers. Although it isn’t equipped with integrated channels that ease the strain, it compensates for the lack of particular technology by providing significant and extensive cooling ear pads. It offers plenty of room for your ear and earpieces, which helps prevent excessive strain and allows you to stay engaged for longer.

In the box, the overall comfort and compatibility of your head and Arctis Pro is not guaranteed to be 100% perfect. Because it’s adjustable, it shouldn’t be too unexpected. The ski goggles suspended in the top frame ensure the ideal fit and distribute the weight and pressure throughout your cerebellum. There’s nothing else to say about it; it is an excellent comfort design that lets you enjoy hours of fun.

Wireless products don’t have to worry about connection issues while not offering the wireless-like features that wireless devices have. The cords are strong. It doesn’t get caught in knots and provides users with a superior experience for long-term usage.


You might have problems with volume. The results can vary widely, with some not being loud enough, sometimes overly loud, and occasionally preferring one side that the headphones are more dominant than the others. The Arctis Pro has an OLED menu that gives you complete control over the sound, equalization, and balance. However, it needs to be equipped with the stability we take for granted in many gaming headsets.

You are assuming that your cord didn’t suffer any major issues and your sound will pass with crystal clarity, with no volume problems or no. The game audio is precise and immersive and is free of distortion at any volume. Speakers are a little sensitive, so you’ll have to take care of your headset to ensure its optimal performance and settings, but aside from that, it delivers the highest quality audio.

In the end, the microphone performs excellently. It effortlessly picks up voice signals while filtering out background noise (admittedly, it could be improved in this aspect). It’s also placed perfectly without obstruction. Additionally, it can be retracted, making the most of its ease of use and ensuring its durability.

The fear of gambling with high-end gaming equipment is real regardless of the number of reviews you read; you will never be entirely sure until you’ve got the headset in your own hands.

In terms of microphone and audio quality as well as design, shape, durable, functionality, and durability, the SteelSeries Arctis Pro performs incredibly well, making it an excellent option for those aspiring to play in the professional arena or for everyday casual use.

Razer Nari Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

One of the most notable features of Razer’s calling cards is their commitment to appealing RGB. Of course, this is not a new feature for users of the Razer Nari Wireless. This means that you’re almost guaranteed to get an appealing headset; however, at the moment, it’s taken as a given with the Razer range of products. But the real question is, what’s the performance of this headset?

The main selling point is immersion. That’s the main thing Nari is designed for. Nari is built to do. The THX Spatial Audio recreates the sound of a 360-degree sphere that draws you into the game, coupled with a sound that puts you at the game’s core.

It’s cool tech, and that’s what the Nari does best over other features it offers. It’s possible to play using the audio controls on-set to achieve that perfect balance.

If you wear glasses, the Nari will work for you. It has cooling gel-filled cushions made of leatherette to keep your ears comfortable. However, there are only some designs that will fit the earpieces of your glasses. To compensate for this, the headband adjusts automatically, ensuring that there’s not too much pressure on your temples. Your experience is likely to be pleasant, whether you wear glasses or not.

Since it is a wireless headphone, it must have a long-lasting battery that Razer says can last for as long as 16 hours. The best choice is to the area between 8 to 16 hours. Although the battery’s life is still quite good and will undoubtedly endure your workouts, you’ll have to maintain its battery.

Most suitable headset for playing PC and PS4 gaming

The Nari headset is most suitable for playing PC and PS4 gaming. It could be used on other platforms, but straying that far could result in frustration and headaches. It’s also compatible with the PS4; however, it’s evident that the PC is the best place to shine.

The frames are solid, the wireless features work well, and the retractable microphone works well. The microphone could be better, particularly given the cost. It’s not going to ruin your gaming. However, it needs to improve the quality of the product. The headset is overall good performance, but even though it has some fantastic features, it only makes a little money for some of them.

In terms of the immersion level and audio quality in terms of immersion and Sound quality, the Nari tops the list, hands down. If you’re looking to get as immersed as you can within the confines of your game, the Nari headset is the perfect option to add to your gaming gear. Although it will not perform in other areas thoroughly, it cannot provide the top performance one would expect from a premium headset.

Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 Retractable Noise-Cancelling Headphone

Best design for gaming headsets

The best design for gaming headsets is simple. It doesn’t need any fancy, unnecessary gadgets, just a basic efficient headset that is everything you can need. Its Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 is a beautiful model of this type of design for gaming, particularly for the glasses-wearing gamers there.

The trick to creating a headset that can accommodate glasses is to make it appear like there’s no real thing. The absence of a problem is more pronounced than the fact that stops the issue. In this instance, Kraken, the Kraken features hidden indented eyewear channels that provide convenient spaces where your glasses can be as light as possible.

For comfort, it all depends on your personal preferences. Soft leatherette will keep your head and ears safe throughout. However, the actual earpieces have a circular shape and may not be the best fit for you. In terms of convenience, it’s not far off from the competition. You may sweat at times during the summer months, however.

The sound quality for both the speakers and the microphone is top-quality. The microphone is clear and sharp and ideal for your communication requirements. It’s retractable, and you can silence the microphone by pressing the edge.


For speakers, it appears to be designed for war games, featuring the added audio and bass, accentuating the realism and precision of the game’s surroundings; however, it is a great choice regardless of the game of preference.

Do not forget that the Kraken isn’t a product that can be used on multiple platforms. Although it is compatible with the PS4, it’s designed to be a PC-only product. It’s not the most terrible thing to have, but it’s not the best choice because you aren’t able to make use of it with all your electronics as other headsets can.

Unfortunately, this item’s longevity is kind of a double-edged weapon. Its build quality is top-quality, made of premium aluminum. The frame is vital to go and can withstand some harm.

Its design flaw lies in its cords and length. The cord is the word the best. It can get caught and break, destroying the remainder of the headset and often reducing the life span of a year.

If it weren’t for the high-quality cord and longevity the gaming headset offers, we’d place it as high on the list. The sound quality is top-notch. It is comfortable and offers excellent performance for people who wear glasses. PC gamers will have the perfect partner in this, as long as they can prevent the cord from becoming strung up and damaging.

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset 7.1 – best headphones for glasses wearers

The HyperX Cloud range of products enjoys a well-known reputation in the market for gaming headsets. The headsets are stylishly designed and consistently provide high-performance gaming and features. In the HyperX Cloud, HyperX Cloud II, in turn, isn’t a disappointment.

From the beginning, when it comes to high-quality audio, count on the Cloud II to be as full of sound, if not more so, than another gaming headset you encounter. The sound of footsteps, gunshots, and other tiny details sound as clear as a daytime radio, giving you an advantage over competitors. There’s nothing to complain about. the surround sound speakers work precisely as advertised, nothing more nor less.

A detachable microphone is an attractive feature to add and, in most cases, can perform as intended. While you may encounter one or two issues, like tiny buzzing or a strange sensitiveness, they do not be to the extent that makes the microphone an obsolete piece of technology. It is essential to, in the end, be able to connect to your preferred platform of choice with minimal to no problems.

Cloud II is exceedingly comfortable. The well-padded earcups, as well as the headband, absorb the impact of long gaming hours and help you remain at the most comfortable and focused possible while playing. The ear cups are constructed out of memory foam, and there are adjustable cushions that you can swap to fit your preference. Although there isn’t a specific design suitable for glasses, you shouldn’t have any issues with your earpieces at any time.

Headset with wires

It’s an audio headset with wires that typically provides higher-quality audio via a direct connection. It’s not difficult to argue with this. However, the cord is one of Cloud II’s main issues. It’s not suffering from any issues with durability or compatibility; however, it’s very short. Limiting the range of motion you can enjoy while playing. It’s worse; it’s also not detachable. This means you’re stuck with this wire until you’ve got Cloud II.

The Cloud II is, at the very minimum, because of its mixture that includes USB or 3.5mm connectors that the Cloud II enjoys versatility for an array of electronic devices. If you’re a console user or PC player, you’re equipped with one headset. Be aware that surround sound capabilities are only available on the PC. You’ll be limited to Stereo when playing with consoles.

Some shortcomings include the length of the cord and mic quality; however, The HyperX Cloud II remains a headset you’ll be comfortable with for a long time. The build quality is stable, and while the audio isn’t the most impressive, it provides a high-quality experience that will keep you competitive. It’s an excellent option for gamers on a budget seeking a stable long-term headset that places the quality of its construction and comfort above other things.

Sennheiser GSP 500 Wired Open Acoustic Gaming Headset – Just Wow

Just 37 Seconds review for Sennheiser GSP 500 Wired Open Acoustic Gaming Headset

German-engineered products have a name to keep. High-end construction, ease of use, excellent audio quality, and optimum comfort are some categories that must be fulfilled to allow a German product to shine. The question is, does this Sennheiser GSP 500 fulfill its expectations?

Although the GSP is heavy, it can compensate for its weight by ensuring robustness. Although it’s not constructed of metal, such as aluminum or steel, The plastic components utilized are top-quality, which eases the burden on a relatively heavy part of the equipment. The hinge that connects with the speaker is made of metal and helps prevent the common structural flaw from becoming a problem.

The durability is fantastic, but the comfort is something that could be worked on. The padding that runs on the band, which has split in design, can be slightly thin. In contrast to the padding, it is an elegant and adjustable headband that isn’t slipping and helps ease some of the pain you may experience. The overall design is ergonomic; however, the padding on the ear cups and the headband could be more comfortable.

In terms of ear cups, what is the function of these using glasses? This model has no built-in technology specifically for glasses-wearers; however, it functions very well. The drinks are ventilated, which keeps your head cool. However, you might need to be cautious of certain clamping.

The earcups, as a result of being perfectly ergonomic, appear to have an odd position when fitted onto your head. It is OK with glasses, but it’s not as slick as other brands.

Microphone’s quality

The microphone’s quality is among the top in this listing, afflicted by minimal problems and delivering crisp, clear communication. The noise cancellation features of the headset may not be top-quality; however, there’s no static, crosstalk, or overt sensitivity that could affect your gaming experience. The flip-to-mute feature also allows gaming headsets to be so comfortable.

The quality of the sound, as well as the microphone, is superb. This is one of the only gaming headsets on this list to feature an acoustic open-back design, increasing the clarity and sound quality of your game audio. This compromises noise-cancellation, which is one of the weaker features of this model; however, adjustable volume sliders in the ear cup help achieve greater control in playing.

Its multi-platform multi-platform capabilities earn it the GSP 500 many high points. It is not restricted to a few options or even PC-only devices. The GSP 500 can use in every aspect of your life. This means you will get more bang for your money if you decide to make use of it for anything other than gaming.

Because of its versatility, due to its versatility, Sennheiser GSP 500 is a perfect choice for gamers seeking a multi-faceted headset that’s equally suitable for everyday gaming as suitable for gaming. If you wear glasses, you may prefer another pair. Although the microphone and audio features are reasonable, their quality and fit do not meet the standards for the gaming headset.


Which are the top headphones for those who wear glasses?

Because people have different head sizes and wear a wide variety of glasses, there isn’t a single pair of headphones that’s ideal for all people who wear glasses. There are certain aspects to consider in case you wear glasses.
The most suitable headphones for those wearing glasses must have soft earcups, so they don’t put much pressure on your glasses frames. Additionally, you should look for the kind of headphones with an adjustable headband that can adjust the fit to your liking.
After you’ve located an item that you think is the right fit, look at the reviews on the internet to get an idea of their sound quality. Then, look for features you’d like to have, such as Bluetooth connectivity.

Can people wearing glasses wear headphones?

Wearers of glasses can wear headphones. Many fabulous headphones are suitable for people who wear glasses. They are comfortable and offer excellent audio. In general, over-ear headphones are most comfortable for people who wear glasses; however, fabulous glasses-friendly headphones can also be worn in the ear.

How are you able to wear your noise-canceling headphone with glasses?

They can be worn as you would any other headphones with a noise-canceling feature. A great pair of headphones will feature earcups that are soft enough that they can wrap your head and create a secure seal over the frames of your eyeglasses.

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