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Everyone involved in gaming knows that the best headphones are essential to immerse oneself in the experience. You won’t regret ever having the opportunity to use a pair of fabulous headphones in a gaming session. The best gaming console is the best gaming monitor. We have the best gaming headphones without mic. We will help narrow your search by showing you the best gaming headphones that don’t have microphones.

The best Gaming headphones are better than trying to balance sound. It will sound better and bring out the surround sound. Gaming headphones can also be tailored to gamers by providing appropriate aesthetics, such as lighting and ensuring that the arrests are as comfortable as possible. 

Why get best gaming headphones without mic?

Not all gamers like to chat. They might be into single-player games where too much chat makes them look or feel crazy. Or maybe they need to focus on the action and think they do better in multiplayer and team games when they are quiet and focused.

Many gamers are like this. They insist on using a headset without a microphone. This is because they feel that having a microphone available can be a temptation to communicate with teammates and signal.

Even if you are chatter and communication is key to your gaming experience, you might not need a microphone included with your gaming headphones. Many gamers prefer a separate microphone, so they choose a brand or model. Others prefer headphones that are made from a particular brand or model. Music headphones can be superior in sound quality, detail, and imaging.

You might be surprised that the price of a pair of premium headphones and a separate gaming microphone is less than some of the most popular gaming headsets.

How do you find the best gaming headphones that don’t require microphones?

That’s where the speaker comes in. Speaker is home to many people who are passionate about gaming and audiophile music listening. We have hours of experience with many music-oriented headphones and gaming sets for all kinds of games.

This article lists our top headphones and offers our top recommendations for all price ranges. These picks will be focused on the most important aspects of gaming:

  • Extreme Detail – Being able to hear, identify and describe everything
  • Precision imaging This is a four-dimensional, accurate representation of time and space that gives you an edge
  • Comfort – Being able to play for hours – We’re going to do that anyway, so it makes sense to be as comfortable as possible.
  • Fantastic sound – Deep bass, dynamics, energy, clear, undistorted sound, and a warm, beautiful tone make gaming more enjoyable, and your headphones the best choice for music.

You should note that not all of these picks have microphones. We include them because they aren’t your typical gaming mics and are simply fabulous headphones!

OneOdio Wired Over Ear Headphones Studio Monitor & Mixing DJ Stereo Headsets

Why we love it: This model is durable and comfortable for those who spend a lot of time listening to or playing music. The multifunctional input allows users to take the pair from their gaming computer to their bedroom music production station without affecting sound quality.

One Odio Pro-10 gaming headphones are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a versatile device to play games, listen to music and stream their favorite streaming media. The multiple cables allowed users to use the headset on various devices, including PCs and music production equipment. Although the cable is not very long, it will enable this headset to be used with devices that support 3.5mm jacks and other devices such as music equipment that uses 6.35mm audio connections.

The One Odio Pro-10 gaming headset offers versatility and great comfort for long gaming sessions. Each earpiece has a 50mm neodymium speaker that provides a wide dynamic range, giving users greater immersion and positional awareness. Users can also share music and movies without taking off their headphones, thanks to the share port technology and multiple audio inputs.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Gaming Headset

We love it: This great headset has excellent sound quality and all-around padding. It is ideal for those who enjoy spending hours immersed in their favorite activities. This model folds up quickly and can be removed.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x gaming headphones are a great choice for those who want portability and excellent sound quality. The ear pads and headband of this over-the-ear headset are padded to provide great comfort for long hours of gaming, listening to music, or relaxing. These headphones can be worn around the neck or folded to fit in the provided carrying case. Although the soundstage may be narrow, this unit offers excellent positional audio that allows users to pinpoint specific areas in movies and games.

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x gaming headset is portable and has excellent sound quality. It also comes with multiple cables that can be used for any occasion. The model comes with a 1.2m audio cord and a 3m extension to allow you to be mobile while at work. Users also get two standard audio cords and a 6.3mm adapter to plug this headset into professional podcast equipment.

Panasonic RP-HT161-K Gaming Headset

Why we love it: The headset has excellent padding and an open-back headband that promotes comfort and breathability during long gaming sessions. The extended cable allows one to relax on the couch or at work without feeling restricted.

For those who want to enjoy excellent sound quality and comfort while gaming, the Panasonic RP-HT161K gaming headset is a good choice. Users can move freely around their offices and sit down without being restricted by the 6.5-foot audio cable. Although the headset’s dynamic range is limited for casual gaming or movie night, it offers decent audio quality for casual gaming and casual gaming.

The Panasonic RP-HT161K gaming headset is not only long in cable length but also has decent sound quality. It is designed to comfort those who need all-day listening, whether at work or relaxing after a long day. This full-sized headset also features over-the-ear headphones that offer excellent sound isolation and great padding. The comfortable, cushioned earpads are complemented by the adjustable headband, allowing users to find the perfect fit. The headset’s 3.5mm audio jack connectivity makes it compatible with many devices.

SteelSeries 6051 Gaming Headset

Why do we love it? The unit has comfortable all-around padding and excellent build quality. This will provide users with an audio experience that lasts for hours. The headphones have a retractable microphone and a large soundstage that allows you to keep in touch with your teammates during heated battles.

SteelSeries Arctis3 gaming headset is an excellent choice for those who value quality build and occasional chats with friends. The over-the-ear headset is made of durable, lightweight materials that will not become uncomfortable even after hours of gaming. The headband suspension uses ski goggle material that contours to the user’s head to promote a balanced fit. Although the cord isn’t very long, it provides enough length to plug into modern gaming controllers or PCs.

The SteelSeries Arctis 3 provides a comfortable headband with a long cord and a great soundstage that allows users to immerse themselves in their favorite games. The balanced soundscape of the S1 speaker’s drivers provide stereo surround sound and positional audio for movies, audio dramas, or games. The retractable microphone can be extended for instant chats with friends. Additionally, the onboard controls allow users to have complete control over audio and chat.

Sony MDR7506 Gaming Headset

Why do We love it? This headset is comfortable and over-the-ear. It allows users to immerse themselves in VR experiences. The headset can be used in both a music studio and in games thanks to its long cord length and adapter.

Sony MDR7506 gaming headphones are an excellent choice for those who appreciate sound quality in music, movies, and video games. The headset can be worn over most VR headsets thanks to its over-the-ear design. This will provide a rich soundstage and improved positional awareness for your favorite games. The 9.8-foot length allows users to move freely around their home or office while listening to audiobooks and gaming soundtracks. Although the earpads aren’t very breathable, users can still enjoy great comfort when listening to music or playing games.

The Sony MDR7506 gaming headset is versatile and compatible with tons of devices. It has excellent sound quality and a long cord. The 3.5mm audio connector allows you to use the headset with a compatible smartphone, tablet, computer, and game console. This headset also features a 1/4-inch adapter that lets users bring it to the studio or quietly practice their electronic music. The headset comes with a carrying case and a folding design, so it can be easily transported without causing damage.

Gaming Headset by Beyerdynamic 718033

Why do we love it? This unique headset offers a wide dynamic range, excellent build quality, and a great audio experience. The thick, cushioned earpads with headbands keep users comfortable for extended hours.

Amazing breathability
Sub-par noise isolation
Quality construction
Great audio range

For gamers who desire an entire soundstage for their media and games, the Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO gaming headset is an excellent choice. The headset is built to last for hours. The thick earpads can be replaced with soft velvet that helps keep users cool during intense gaming sessions. The headband is adjustable to suit most users and provides a comfortable fit. Although the noise isolation is not the best, the open-back design of this model offers an enhanced soundstage.

The Beyerdynamic Gaming Headset DT990 PRO is comfortable and breathable. It also offers excellent sound quality across music, movies, and games. Open-back design provides games a great sense of scale and improves positioning awareness in heated multiplayer matches. The one-sided cable design allows users to stay active at their desks and in VR headsets without becoming tangled in the long audio cables.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headphones

Why do we love it? SteelSeries Arctis PRO comes with wireless lossless audio at 2.4 g. This means that you won’t experience lag when playing your favorite games.

You can also use the Bluetooth connection to make calls while gaming, so you don’t have to quit the game and switch to your mobile phone to attend the calls.

These headphones feature neodymium magnets, which produce a high-resolution sound that makes a bass eight times more potent than the ferrite. These headphones also offer a natural-sounding audio experience.

The elegant combination of steel and aluminum ensures that your headphones will last a lifetime. SteelSeries Arctis Pro is comfortable and durable. SteelSeries Arctis Pro has wireless connectivity up to 40ft, which is an excellent distance for wireless headphones.

These headphones also have an OLED display multi-input audio transmitter base station. This allows you to control your audio and enhance your gaming experience fully.

HyperX Cloud MIX

Why do we love it? The Hyper X Cloud Mix, wired and wireless headphones, are fabulous for gaming. These headphones are more affordable than the SteelSeries Pro Arctis Pro and have many additional features.

With Bluetooth and a detachable cable, the headphones will satisfy people who prefer wired or wireless headphones. The headphones also allow you to choose between no-mic headphones or headphones with a mic. You can still enjoy the Hyper X sound quality without the mic.

Gaming is not fun if there’s sound distortion. Hyper X wanted their Hyper X Cloud Mix headphones to be free from distortion. This led to the installation of dual-chamber drivers, ensuring high-quality sound and minimizing distortion. The Hyper X Cloud mix can be great if you keep comfort in mind. Soft memory foam and smooth leatherette make this pair ideal for long gaming sessions. HyperX Headphones are made of rigid aluminum and can withstand everyday wear and tear.

Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR

Why do we love it? Philips, a multinational company, is known for producing many products. Let me tell you that good quality headphones are one such product.

[amalinkspro type=”showcase” asin=”” apilink=”” associate-id=”undefined” new-window=”1″ addtocart=”0″ nofollow=”1″ sc-id=”4″ imgs=”!important%3B%20margin%3A0px%20!important%3B%22%20%2F%3E” link-imgs=”false” stack-imgs=”false” specs=”Hi-res Audio Certified with extended response frequencies~~~Engineered double layered ear-shells with pre-tilted speaker plates~~~50 mm high definition neodymium drivers with LMC diaphragm~~~3.5mm detachable oxygen-free cable (3m) 3 5 mm to 6 3 mm adapter and cable management clip included~~~Lightweight self-adjustable hammock with 3D mesh and genuine leather outer headband~~~” btn-color=”#ff9900″ btn-text=”Buy on Amazon” alignment=”alignnone” hide-prime=”0″ hide-image=”0″ hide-reviews=”0″ hide-price=”0″]Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR Over-Ear Open-Air Headphone 50mm Drivers[/amalinkspro]

They have almost 50 years of experience in manufacturing headphones, making them a reliable source for high-quality headphones for gaming. The Philips Audio Fidelio is an excellent option for gaming at an incredible price. These headphones also come with the SteelSeries Arctis pro neodymium magnets. Philips headphones can be used for listening to music or gaming in any sound format.

The headphones’ open-back design allows for easy air pressure to be released behind the drivers, ensuring clear and audible sound. The headphones’ headband is adjustable with 3D mesh fabric. This prevents heat buildup and ensures adequate air circulation. Philips audio headphones’ ear cups are also made of replaceable memory foam, which provides maximum comfort for your ears.

Large soundstages make it easier to hear the sound when you are playing video games or watching movies. The bass is not very powerful, so these headphones aren’t for you if you need strong bass.

Zinc Studio Wireless Headphones and Wired Headphones

Zinc wired and wireless headphones are the cheapest on this list. These headphones are fabulous for beginners who don’t need a microphone and want to play games without headphones.

Average build quality
Decent design
Fainted sound
Excellent value for moneyInsignificant noise cancellation

Comfort is the keyword. The headphones are comfortable for your ears and head.

The headphones are not cheap enough to provide excellent sound quality and bass. These headphones are not the best for gamers with a limited budget.

These headphones are made of a standard material.

Bluetooth is excellent and does the job. However, the built-in mic is not good enough. If you don’t care about this aspect, you can ignore it. It is an excellent purchase considering its price, but it cannot be regarded as a high-end gaming headset.

Gaming Headphones without Microphone – Buyer’s Guide


Comfort isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when choosing gaming headphones. Your new headphones will allow you to travel through deserted deserts and into boss battles.

These can be tedious and take many hours. Comfort is crucial. You want to be able to focus on your game without feeling distracted by pressure headaches, pinched ears, or cramped neck.

It is essential to weigh the ear cups and consider how long you can wear them. You won’t even feel like you are wearing gaming headphones. Modern models have this feature in mind and are pretty comfortable for the price.

Sound Quality

Audio is what headphones are for. Headphones are used for audio. What is considered ‘good quality? Some prefer heavy bass and brain-rattling sound, while others prefer a more balanced experience.

Models that enable you to alter the sound to suit your tastes can be purchased at an additional cost.

Three factors are essential when choosing the best gaming headphones. The first is immersive audio. Headphones with higher low-end frequencies work best if you are looking for a competitive gaming headset that can forget the outside world while playing.

Clarity and sensitivity are the second. You should also consider low background interference and low hiss. However, the overall feeling that sound is accurate and identifiable can give you an advantage over your opponents. If you can hear their footsteps, you will be able to find them and win the game.

Last but not least, space and positioning are essential factors to consider. Certain games require you to identify the direction the sounds are coming from. Competitive games can be won by knowing the order of your opponent and their reasonable distance.

Sound quality will depend on your personal preferences, the type of game you are playing, and how dependent you are on them during gameplay. You want a great experience and not be beaten by the baddies.


Nothing is more disappointing than purchasing a new piece of gaming gear and waiting for it to arrive only to discover that it doesn’t work with your system. The same applies to headphones. You don’t want multiple headsets for different consoles.

Modern models come with a universal cable of 3.5mm that is compatible with all platforms. However, virtual surround sound cannot be supported without special software. USB is another popular support that works with some consoles, PCs, Macs, and certain consoles. However, make sure to check your collection first.

Most wireless gaming headsets come with an adapter, which you can use to connect it with a cable. Before you spend any money, make sure to check what adapter is compatible with your consoles.


It all depends on your budget and the amount you are willing to spend on gaming equipment. If you have a lower budget, think about what is most important to your life and what you are ready to give up.

The reputation of a manufacturer can often affect the price. Make sure to pay attention to their reviews and customer service policies.

If you decide to make the leap and purchase a model from a less-known company that breaks within a month of each other, then you will need to rely on the warranty and quick customer service. To ensure your peace of mind, ensure that you only purchase a high-rated model from a trusted manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Buy Headphones without a Microphone?

Many headphones don’t have microphones. A microphone is not necessary if you only want to hear a sound. A microphone and a headphone can be purchased separately.

What to consider in a gaming headset?

Gaming headsets provide a complete solution to your gaming sessions. The headsets offer excellent sound quality, a microphone for communication with other players, and a bonus that no one in your home is disturbed.

When choosing a gaming headset, you should consider three things: comfort, sound quality, and ease of use. Wearing ill-fitted headphones can cause discomfort and make it difficult to focus on the game.

Good sound quality is essential to hear your teammates. The surround sound also gives you a more realistic playing experience.

Wireless and wired gaming headsets are available. Wireless headsets can be moved around freely, but they must be changed regularly to avoid interruptions during gameplay. While wired headsets can be inconvenient, you don’t need to charge them.

What is the best way to talk with my headphones and not have a microphone?

A headphone without a microphone will transmit your voice to your phone if you attend a phone call. If you have a laptop or a computer with a microphone, you will need an external microphone to allow you to speak while wearing headphones that do not have a mic.

Do I need a headset or headphones for gaming?

A gaming headset is a type of headphone that has a microphone built-in.

A gaming headset would have a sound output, but you can also buy a separate mic. However, gaming headphones have better sound quality than a headset. If you play with others, a microphone will be essential for communication.

It doesn’t matter what your preference is. Let’s say you prefer the convenience of having everything in one place but don’t mind poor sound quality. Gaming headsets might be the right choice for you.

If you want better sound quality, don’t mind the extra effort required to make a mic and headphone combination. Gaming headphones are better.

What is the difference between gaming headphones and regular headphones?

A few key features distinguish gaming headphones. First, gaming headphones must be comfortable. To provide maximum comfort, they will need large ear cups covering the entire ear.

Gaming marathons are very common today. Many people play for hours on end. Your headphones should not irritate your ears. Regular headphones are used for shorter periods to be smaller and less padded.

Gaming headphones are more expensive than regular models because they must be bulky and comfortable. They are more durable and better built than traditional headphones so that they will last for years. Gaming models are desirable for their sleek design, which will affect their price.

Virtual 7.1 surround sound is a feature that many gaming headphones have. This allows them to produce spacious sounds’ or the illusion of sounds coming from various directions.

This is a great advantage for gamers, but regular headphones are not suitable for this purpose. Instead, you should be focusing on the sound quality.

Gaming headphones can be used for many other purposes, such as watching movies or listening to music. However, regular headphones for gaming will reduce your competitive edge and take away a portion of what you love about gaming.

Are wired headphones more effective than wireless headphones for gaming?

Both wired and wireless headphones have their advantages. Wireless models may have white noise or static, reducing sound quality. Wired headphones tend to have better sound quality.

Wireless is convenient because you can take a snack or a break without worrying about getting your hands tangled up in a three-meter cord.

But, great power comes with great responsibility. You’ll need them charged regularly. Wireless headphones are often more expensive than wired models, so it’s essential to consider your budget when making your decision.

Are regular headphones safe for gaming?

Regular headphones can be used for gaming, as they might have similarities to gaming headphones. They cannot provide the comfort and sound quality you require for professional gaming.

Are gaming headphones worth the investment?

They are worth the investment as they provide high-quality audio, allowing you to hear the sounds and take the right actions at the right moment.

Gaming headphones are a great way to improve your gaming experience and make you a more skilled gamer.


The right headphones can make a big difference in your life.

You can hear the sounds of footsteps and fire shots. This will allow you to gain an advantage over your opponents.

These headphones aren’t the only ones you have when looking for headphones for gaming, but they are good options that will provide excellent value for money.

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