Best budget headphones for music production

If you’ve dabbled in music production using consumer-grade headphones, you’re missing a method. The headphones for music production are an essential part of equipment for music, especially for studios at home. But which headphones are used by music producers?

So, if it’s time to upgrade your studio’s audio equipment, you’re in the right spot. We realize that you do not need a pair of headphones for recording; that cost a fortune. However, if you’re searching for the best studio headphones, you’ll have to expect to pay more than $100 -. If you’re looking for an expensive pair, you’ll need to spend a minimum of $200.

Whether you’re using the computer or PC studio headphones, provide the user with an accurate picture of the music you are listening to. However, production headphones function more like an instrument in a professional studio. These are because studio monitors are equipped with more significant drivers and can generate an even larger sound field, making it easier for the producer to use. But not everyone can set our rooms up to professional standards to use studio monitors efficiently. Therefore, we need to rely more on our headsets. In the end, the best headphones for recording will reveal the little things that a poorly-treated room could obscure in your studio’s monitors. This is why we’ve included what we believe are the top headphones for making music in the home studios and labs of independent artists and music producers.

If you’re mulling over purchasing a pair of headphones or speakers to produce music, the decision should boil to how acoustically transparent your space is. While the combination of headphones and headphones is the best option but it’s too costly when your room isn’t sufficient. Therefore, we suggest taking the clap test to make your choice. Clap your hands once at each possible spot in your room, and if you notice the slightest sound reverb, you’ll likely be content using studio-grade monitors. Here you can find the best cheap headphones for music mixing. However, if you can hear a soaring flutter of sound that bounces off the walls (known as Flutter Echo), it is best to use headphones as your room can impair any sound that leaves studio monitors before it gets to your ears.

The Problem with Headphones for music production

There are a few issues, however, when mixing headphones.

  • Your ears are located closer to the sound system. This makes the music less natural because you hear the sound blasting straight through your ears. Although you can detect more clearly and identify the flaws in your music, headphones can cause music to sound too close. There isn’t any space between your ears and the source, which is why you get the ‘too close result.
  • In addition, you’ll be experiencing the stereo image bias when you watch with headphones. There’s no wide stereo image when you pair speakers for a monitor. It’s possible to hear only the left side in your left ear and the right channel on your right, so you’ll lose the stereo image and get it smaller. A hard-panned track will sound unnatural, and while certain producers become used to it after some time, it can confuse when panning your tracks.
  • Additionally, you are more susceptible to experiencing tiredness in your ears quicker than you should be watching through headphones. When listening to your headphones, too much could result in headaches and eventually hearing damage if you do it often. The best way to avoid this is to take frequent breaks to relax your ears, get your listening ability right again, and keep your ears in a top state of health.
  • In a perfect scenario, you’ll have several pairs of headphones at your disposal when creating music. You can try various ways to ensure your sound is flawless similar to how producers typically cross-reference their mixes on multiple playback systems.
  • However, most of us don’t have enough money to purchase many pairs of headphones. That means you’ll probably have a minimal budget for headphones. In this article, we’ll review the top headphones for those on a tight budget for music production.

View The Best budget Headphones for Music Production Below

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

We’re starting our reviews by reviewing the last model of the enthralling M series developed by the pros at Audio-Technica, the model M50X.

They are critically acknowledged, immersive, closed-back sets of circumaural headphones designed to give you an immersive listening experience for professionals.

They have high-quality 45mm drivers designed with copper-clad voice coils that optimize and improve their performance.

They feature a comprehensive frequency response, which produces balanced audio. They have more than the average surface area, which allows them to handle bass frequency effectively. They also have a high transient response, making them ideal for studio monitoring via in-ear.

The ear-cups rotate 90 degrees, keeping them in place and allowing users to listen using one ear only whenever they need to. They’re comfortably adorned with high-quality padding for extended listening time.

They deliver great sound and realistic, well-balanced dynamics. The high frequencies are apparent, with well-defined and precise details making subtleties stand out.

They are made of a detachable cord and are equipped with both a straight and a coiled version to make it possible to use them in various ways.

Why We Loved It

They deliver high-quality audio with exceptional quality and smooth transient responses and are built to last with comfortable cushioning for long mixing sessions.

It’s all about comfort – even if you have to pay more to get a better headset for recording. If you’re mixing or producing for hours at a time, it’s not something you need to be thinking about is ear pain or fatigue. Consider investing a bit more into your headphones in the beginning so that you can concentrate on your work.

Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Open Studio Headphones

The next step is considering an open-backed model that can more accurately depict your audio composition. This DT 1990 Pro set from Beyerdynamics have neodymium drivers with high flux and provides pristine, an accurate audio quality that is ideal to be used as a reference for your studio. These are the Best Budget Wireless Headphones for music production.

They are highly well-crafted and constructed with the most cutting-edge materials. They feature an accurate broad-range frequency response that is instantaneous. The most cutting-edge Tesla drivers perform exceptionally well with high output, producing high-quality, high-resolution audio.

The open-back design of the circumaural cups aids in reducing fatigue while also adding depth to the sound. The headband is sturdy and comes with a selection of pads, each offering a unique experience. Still, all are well-cushioned using different acoustic fabrics and covered with finely woven textiles or velour that are more analytical than the others.

They are equipped with a single-sided high-strength cord, which helps stop the cord from tangling. They are impedance-rated at 250 ohms.

Why We Loved It

 It provides audio reproduction that is exact to the input. This is crucial for mastering and editing. They’re exceptionally well built, and open-back designs allow an immersive audio experience.

Sony MDR7506 Professional

Another set of headphones to look into is this model from Sony that is less expensive than the other top models we’ve included in our review.

They have powerful combination drivers that use massive diaphragms made of PET that measure 40mm in diameter and magnets made of neodymium. These are the best headphones for music production. They produce audio with a highly sharp definition that is perfect for picking out subtle details.

They’re a closed-back ear-cup design that can filter out the noise and offers sound isolation when there’s something in the background that you cannot concentrate on with your speakers.

The cups are incredibly cushioned and swivel from sturdy headbands that are comfortable and padded to be able too. They fold up compactly to transport and are supplied with a storage box.

They come with an oiled studio cord, and the connector and Unimatch adapter for plug-ins are gold-plated to ensure more excellent signal quality.

Why We Loved It

The HTML0 provides high-quality audio within an affordable package. They are durable and comfortable enough to allow for prolonged use.

Professional appearance – If you are planning on inviting clients to your business and clients, you’ll need to ensure that you have a good set of studio headphones available for use. First impressions matter and the professional appearance of your equipment isn’t an exception. Make sure that you are wearing long.

Sennheiser HD 599 Open Back Headphone

This is a fantastic set from the Sennheiser 500 series; the HD599 is upgraded with an open-back model with exposed dynamic drivers.

It provides some of the top audio available in the market with its high-performance transducers designed by the company. They are 38mm, which is smaller than other models. However, they’re oval and have the same amount of surface as a circular unit with a greater diameter. The oval shape helps direct the sound more professionally.

They are constructed with high-end quality components inside and outside that provide outstanding comfort due to their Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement design (EAR). Their cups have large velour cushions, and the headband is stitched very well.

They feature an extended low-frequency response as well as high-quality sound. They are impedance-wise 50 ohms.

They are supplied with two separate TRS cables that can be detachable and available in 3.5mm and 1/4″ lengths, solving issues caused by adapters.

Why We Loved It

 The headphones are made from top-quality components. The audio is superb, and the wide backs allow for spatial audio. This is perfect for recording.

Audio-Technica ATH-A990Z Art Monitor

This is a different Audio-Technica choice that is exceptionally stunning. The ATH-A990Z is a closed-back monitoring system perfect for finding faults and analyzing your tracks’ details.

The drivers have diaphragms that are extra-large that deliver high-quality audio; they are equipped with OFC voice coils that are wound by bobbins and aluminum housings that are lightweight to ensure their sound quality. They have a more powerful frequency response and reproduce an expanded range of frequencies.

They are equipped with a double air damping system that helps in low-end sound reproduction, which helps keep their bass handling free of distortion and highly lively within the mix.

They are well-constructed and come with a great range of adjustments. They come with an elongated wing, an adjustable headband, and professional yokes. They provide excellent circulation as well as cups that are cushioned with top-quality materials.

The cord is a great length and wrapped with cloth to avoid the cord from tangling.

What We Like About It

You cannot beat some German technology, particularly in audio electronics. They are stylish and well-designed, a perfect match to the specifications of more expensive headphones.

 Neumann Studio Headphones NDH 20 Closed-Back Monitoring

The next set is an enclosed back circumaural set. However, there are times when you need the isolation of your engineering procedure.

They offer the same sound quality of Neumann’s well-known studio monitors to the realm of headphone speakers since they are equipped with the same custom-mastered linear sound balance that keeps the audio neutral when editing.

They’ve been carefully crafted with top-quality components. The drivers have been updated and are powered by high-flux neodymium, and they measure 38mm, similar to those of the Sennheiser set. Their impedance is 150 ohms, so an appropriate pre-amp or headphone amplifier is recommended.

They come with an ergonomic steel headband with a low pressure that keeps the model sturdy. It is padded with two luxurious Ear-cups that are easily mounted and foldable to store.

It comes with the choice of one straight or one coiled cord and a 1/4″ adapter, giving them incredibly versatile capabilities.

Why We Loved It

It is exceptionally well-engineered, and the drivers work flawlessly and have excellent responsiveness in a short time. They are incredibly capable of highlighting subtleties, regardless of how they are subtle.

Shure SRH1440 Professional Open Back Headphones

Our next choice is a top set of sure that is an additional great open-back choice.

They’re outfitted with a 40 mm neodymium driver that performs extremely efficiently and delivers audio with full bass and dynamics.

Their open-back style provides sound with a large stereo image, increasing the depth and creating a more natural soundscape that is easy to study.

They’re a less impedance alternative as compared to the majority of high-end models. It has been improved to make it more useful.

They are constructed well and have an extremely durable headband made of steel with high-quality padding that can be adjusted completely. The ear-cups are ergonomically bent and oval for improved audio transmission and comfort over prolonged listening time.

They come with a copper-coated cable with a strengthened Kevlar outer layer to improve its strength and avoid getting caught.

Why We Loved It

 It is carefully crafted and provides top-quality audio in a luxury package. The cord is sturdy.

Fostex RP Diaphragm Stereo Headphones (T60RP)

The next set of closed backs includes something a bit distinctive in the shape of the unique mahogany housing that provides an effective natural acoustic classification from unwanted resonances.

This means that what you hear is more apparent interference. It also enhances their exclusive Regular Phase (RP) technology-assisted diaphragms.

The diaphragm is constructed from a highly light polyimide film that is exceptionally responsive to stimuli.

They come with a comfy authentic leather headband that is wider for better distribution and less force. The cups are cushioned and adjust naturally to the head’s circumference to ensure you the most comfortable fit.

They are manufactured with care and come with an optical fiber or standard detachable cable for high-resolution and high-fidelity.

Why We liked It

The people from Fostex have been working to improve their audio engineering expertise for years. This set uses the same technology that hasn’t changed since its initial development in the 1970s. It provides extensive listening.

PreSonus HD7 Professional Monitoring Headphones

Today’s reviews end with a last, low-cost model, which is an excellent value-for-money and is in good nick with models that cost nearly twice as much.

They’re a semi-open back option that provides a realistic reproduction. They look pretty sturdy as a budget model. They’re light. However, they use some extremely robust construction materials.

They come with a flexible and widened headband that has professional yokes. It has two comfortable cushioned ear-cups that naturally adapt to the wearers.

They have high-resolution drivers inside their specially tuned Acoustic chambers.

They have extensive low-frequency responses and come with an untidy single-sided cable that provides a highly needed reinforced entry point.

Why We Loved It

The HTML0 is an affordable entry-level model that delivers high-resolution audio. While they don’t blow our expensive sets, they’re a worthy contender for the best headphones for music production.

Moving around When you’re constantly in motion, look for headphones that fold down or shrink in size. While this may not appear to be an essential aspect, it could assist in keeping your headphones in good condition when moving from one location to another. You might want to consider buying a pair of headphones to use on the go.

A Perspective To Consider

Before you dive into the options below, here’s one thing you must be aware of.

If you cannot purchase the top studio headphones, don’t allow them to hinder your ability to create music.

If you cannot afford new headphones but have a pair of consumer headphones to listen to music, it’s okay to keep them.

Anything that can help you begin creating music with the least hassle is the ideal method to follow.

Even for the more technical elements of the production process, like mixing or mastering, you can use instruments such as reference tracks to help you achieve a high-quality final product.

Features To Look For in the best budget headphones for music production

It’s important to consider all aspects before settling on headphones. A decision based solely on brand or because your friend told you to isn’t always the best option.

Here’s a list of essential features to take into consideration:

Open-Back or Closed-Back

Most audio engineers recommend open-back studio headphones, and for an excellent reason. They give a more accurate frequency response and eliminate resonance.

Why? Because when headphones are closed-back, regardless of how hard the manufacturer tries to prevent it, frequencies naturally increase and reflect.

Open-Back Headphones (Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro)

Think of it as playing music with speakers indoors as opposed to. Outdoors. You’ll always experience some reflection, even with the most efficient acoustic system.

Is this a problem? It depends.

Most studio headphones do their best to reduce the sound; as it is, you’ll not be able to tell the difference until you evaluate both headphones in a side-by-side comparison.

Even if you don’t, you’ll still be able to create professional-quality music using closed-back headphones.

But if you’ve got money to spend and aren’t worried about sound leakage (open-back headphones naturally release more sound), Why not choose the most effective choice?

Open-back headphones are usually easier to put on for long durations due to their airflow.

We are speaking about ease of wearing.


I place comfort at the top of the list because it is possibly the more significant element than sound quality.

Since even with the top sound quality, they cannot make music using them, there’s no use in them.

The comfort of producing is very crucial.

I knew a friend who bought Audeze headphones that are awe-inspiring in audio quality (more about them in the future). However, he was disappointed that their comfort wasn’t his style, so he returned the headphones and went with another, less expensive but more comfortable alternative.

This brings me to the most important aspect of comfort: it’s highly dependent on the user.

It is recommended to try on any pair of headphones for a studio that you’re planning to purchase before you purchase them, so you know whether they feel comfortable or not.

It’s a pair of $1000+ Audeze headphones or an ATH-M50x pair for $150. It depends on your preferences.

Frequency Response

Naturally, the primary aspect you’re likely to think of when you are an audio producer is sound quality and unsteady frequency response.

I’ll give you the secret: the headphones of no two people will have the same range of frequencies.

Many companies try to create headphones that have an even frequency curve. However, each misses the mark just a little.

However, the more expensive models with an open-back design generally respond better. The cost will be reflected in the time spent crafting the headphones to achieve this.

Noise Isolation

If you’re a music producer who creates music constantly while on the move, you’ll want studio headphones that don’t leak sound and block incoming sounds.

Essential caution headphones with active noise cancellation are not the best choice for creating music.

This is because they record outside sounds and reverse the direction of the audio so that you can’t be able to hear what’s happening outside. This could affect the sound quality of the incoming audio. Opt for natural designs that block out the sound.


The driver of headphones is the component that creates the sound. The quantity, size, and quality of these will determine the volume and quality of their sound.

Various drivers (dynamic and planar magnetic electrostatic, etc.) have different advantages and disadvantages.

I’m not going to go over the different types of headphones in detail (here’s an excellent article in case you’re interested). However, the most commonly used is dynamic in studio headphones. The more expensive models feature planar magnetic drivers.

Typically, bigger drives can also produce greater volume and more immersive audio.

The key is to examine the kind of driver your headphones use and how they translate into the sound quality.


Wireless headphones are currently the norm for headphones that are designed for consumers. However, for studio headphones, you must choose a model with at least the option of wired connectivity.

This is because Bluetooth, regardless of the advancements it has taken in terms of audio quality, is still suffering from issues with bandwidth due to the audio codec that it is using.

This means you can’t receive high-quality audio on Bluetooth even with the latest version, Bluetooth 5.0. If you are also using your studio headphones to listen (which is perfectly fine), You can choose a pair with Bluetooth and a 3.5mm connector. If not, stay clear of Bluetooth-only headphones unless you have the only choice.

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